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Hong Kong Protesters Take Their Message to Chinese Tourists

来源:纽约时报    2019-07-08 01:31

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        HONG KONG — Protesters held another march in Hong Kong on Sunday, the first major action since a small group of demonstrators broke into the city’s legislature last Monday in a dramatic escalation of recent tensions.        香港——周日,香港抗议者再次举行游行,这是自上周一小群示威者闯入香港立法会、导致近期紧张局势陡然升级以来的首次重大行动。
        It was the latest in a series of protests that have roiled Hong Kong since the city’s leaders tried to push through a contentious bill that would allow extradition to mainland China. The protests, which organizers say have drawn up to two million people, have been mostly peaceful, apart from a few violent confrontations between police officers and demonstrators.        自香港领导人试图通过一项允许引渡犯罪嫌疑人至中国大陆的有争议的法案以来,一系列抗议活动使香港陷入混乱,这是其中最新的一次。组织者称这些抗议活动吸引了多达200万人,除警察和示威者之间发生过几次暴力冲突之外,抗议活动大体和平。
        Organizers said about 230,000 turned out for Sunday’s protests. The police said the turnout was 56,000 at its peak.        组织者称,大约23万人参加了周日的抗议活动。警方表示,高峰期参加人数为5.6万人。
        Tensions culminated last week when an offshoot group of young protesters smashed their way into a legislative building and ransacked the premises, as hundreds of thousands of people marched peacefully in a concurrent protest elsewhere in the city.        上周,一群年轻抗议者闯进立法会,破坏了大楼,令紧张气氛达到高潮,数十万民众则在该市其他地方同时举行的抗议活动中和平游行。
        Late Sunday night, the police and dozens of protesters clashed in the Mong Kok District a couple of hours after the march nearby had ended. The demonstrators sought to occupy a major road, but the police declared it an unlawful assembly and began warning protesters to leave. Officers with batons, shields and helmets then began clearing out the crowd. At least one man was seen being taken away by the police.        周日深夜,旺角附近的游行结束两小时后,警方和几十名抗议者发生了冲突。示威者企图占领一条干道,但警方宣称这是非法集会,并开始警告抗议者离开。配备了警棍、盾牌和头盔的警察接着开始驱散人群。现场目睹到至少有一名男子被警方带走。
        Though the extradition bill has been suspended, the protesters’ demands have broadened to include a call for more democratic reforms such as universal suffrage, in addition to a full withdrawal of the bill, an independent inquiry into police violence toward protesters and amnesty for the protesters.        虽然引渡法案已经暂停,但抗议者的要求已扩展至更多民主改革措施,比如要求普选,以及全面撤回法案、对警方朝抗议者施暴情况展开独立调查和特赦抗议者。
        [Here’s what to know about Hong Kong’s evolving protest movement.]        [关于香港这场不断发展的抗议运动,这里是你需要了解的信息。]
        Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese territory, has a separate political and judicial system and is governed based on a principle known as “one country, two systems.” But in recent years, as Beijing has grown more autocratic and increased efforts to integrate Hong Kong with the mainland, many here have become alarmed about the erosion of the city’s once-robust protections for civic freedoms and rule of law.        香港是半自治的中国领土,有着独立的政治和司法制度,按照“一国两制”的原则进行治理。但近年来,北京变得更加专制,并加大了香港融入内地的力度,这里的许多人开始对香港一度强有力的公民自由权利和法制保护措施遭到侵蚀感到担忧。
        While previous marches have been held in the downtown financial and business districts of Hong Kong Island, the march on Sunday is the first to take place in Kowloon, an area of Hong Kong that is attached to the Chinese mainland. It is being billed as an opportunity to engage with mainland Chinese in the hope that they will back the protesters.        先前的游行一直在香港岛市中心的金融和商务区举行,而周日的游行则首次在香港与内地接壤的九龙举行。组织者称其为接触内地人的机会,希望他们支持抗议者。
        The Hong Kong protests have been heavily censored in the mainland, where they are portrayed by government officials and the state news media as being organized by “foreign forces” and spearheaded by violent “extreme radicals.”        香港的抗议活动在内地一直遭到严格审查,被政府官员和官方新闻媒体描述成由“外国势力”组织,由暴力“极端激进分子”带头。
        Josie Kwok, 18, said she saw the protest on Sunday as an opportunity to reset the tone following the clashes last week.        现年18岁的乔茜·郭(Josie Kwok,音)表示,她认为周日的抗议活动是在上周的冲突之后,一次重新定调的机会。
        “I think the most important thing today is for the protests to be peaceful,” she said. “We want to show mainlanders that Hong Kong isn’t China, and we want to show other Hong Kongers and the world that we are peaceful so we can gain their support.”        “我认为对抗议者而言,今天最重要的事情是保持和平,”她说,“我们想要向内地人展示,香港不是中国,我们想要向其他香港人和世界展示,我们是和平的,以便能得到他们的支持。”
        The march began in the late afternoon in Tsim Sha Tsui, a shopping area popular with mainland Chinese tourists, and ended at the West Kowloon railway station, which is the terminus of a high-speed line to the Chinese city of Guangzhou.        这场游行开始于下午晚些时候,起点是备受内地游客欢迎的购物区尖沙咀,终点是西九龙站,这里有高铁通往中国城市广州。
        Mainland tourists, many carrying shopping bags, watched and took photographs as the protesters marched past designer stores.        很多内地游客拎着购物袋,他们观看并拍摄了抗议者走过名牌商店的场景。
        Sunny Yang, 37, a mainlander who has lived in Hong Kong for nine years, said she had always felt somewhat “awkward” about the protests, which have at times taken on an anti-China tone. But seeing the scale and largely peaceful nature of the protests this time around, she said, left her feeling quite “positive.”        37岁的内地人桑尼·杨(Sunny Yang,音)在香港生活了9年。她说,抗议活动有时带有反中色彩,总是让她觉得有点“尴尬”。但是,她说,看到这次抗议活动的规模,以及它基本上和平的性质,也让她感到相当“积极”。
        “It doesn’t really affect us, but it’s a very big issue for these young people,” she said as she gestured toward the protesters. “I think the local government should really listen to the people.”        “这对我们没有真正的影响,但对这些年轻人来说是一个非常大的问题,”她指着抗议者说。“我认为地方政府应该真正倾听人民的呼声。”
        Liu Xiao, 28, came to Hong Kong from Chongqing with friends to do some shopping. She had heard about the protests but said she thought the extradition bill was “justifiable.”        28岁的刘晓(音)和朋友们从重庆来香港购物。她听说了抗议活动的事,但表示她认为引渡法案是“正当的”。
        “If people have committed crimes, they shouldn’t be allowed to dodge the law,” she said.        “如果有人犯罪,就不应该让他们逃脱法律,”她说。
        Opponents of the bill fear that it could be used to send political dissidents for trial in mainland China, where the courts are controlled by the ruling Communist Party.        该法案的反对者担心,它可能被用来将持不同政见者送往内地受审。那里的法院由执政的共产党控制。
        Seeing the protest on Sunday was “shocking” for Liu Li, 22, who runs a small baking company in the southern Chinese city of Jiujiang and was visiting Hong Kong for the first time.        22岁的刘丽(音)觉得周日的抗议活动“令人震惊”。她在中国南部城市九江经营着一家小烘焙公司,这是她第一次来香港。
        “We would never be allowed to do something like this in the mainland,” she said. “Even if 100 people gather together, they would get detained.”        “我们在内地决不被允许做这种事,”她说。“就算只有100个人集会也会被拘留。”
        The opening of the West Kowloon station last year has raised fears about growing mainland influence in Hong Kong. Mainland customs and immigration officials are stationed inside the railway terminus and parts of the station are subject to mainland jurisdiction, which has prompted some pro-democracy advocates and scholars to call it a “Trojan train.”        去年西九龙火车站的启用令人们担心内地在香港的影响力日益增强。内地的海关和移民官员驻扎在铁路终点站内,车站部分地区受内地管辖,这促使一些支持民主的人士和学者将其称为“特洛伊列车”。
        Law enforcement officials had been bracing for a large turnout and possible clashes with mainland visitors. The police shut down some roads and put up large plastic barricades around West Kowloon station. All but one of the entrances and exits to the station were closed. Sales for tickets departing from the station also ended midday.        执法官员一直在为大量到场人数以及他们可能与内地游客发生的冲突做准备。警方封锁了一些道路,并在西九龙站周围设置了大型塑料路障。除了一个出入口之外,车站其他的通道都关闭了。始发票也在中午停止了销售。
        Timothy Chui, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Association, said that some mainland tour groups decided to avoid the Tsim Sha Tsui area on Sunday because of the planned march.        香港旅游促进会(Hong Kong Tourism Association)总干事崔定邦表示,由于这场既定的游行,一些内地旅游团决定在周日避开尖沙咀地区。
        By Sunday evening around 9, the official protest had dissipated. A small group of mostly masked demonstrators stayed behind at the rail terminus, jeering at the police officers, who stood behind the barricades.        到周日晚上9点左右,正式抗议活动已经平息。一小群示威者留在火车站,他们大多戴着口罩,嘲笑站在路障后面的警察。
        While the turnout for Sunday’s protests exceeded organizers’ expectations, it was significantly smaller in scale than the demonstrations in previous weeks. But many protesters said they were determined to keep going. Another demonstration was announced for next weekend.        尽管周日抗议活动的人数超出了组织者的预期,但规模明显小于前几周的抗议活动。不过许多抗议者表示,他们决心继续。另一场示威活动将在下周末举行。
        “I have participated in all of the protests already,” said Alex Leung, 57, a construction worker. “And I will continue to participate until this Hong Kong government responds to us and fulfills our demands.”        “我参加了所有的抗议活动,”57岁的建筑工人亚历克斯·梁(Alex Leung,音)说。“我会继续参与,直到本届香港政府回应我们,满足我们的要求。”

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