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Hong Kong Police Announce First Arrest in Storming of Legislature

来源:纽约时报    2019-07-05 05:26

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        HONG KONG — The Hong Kong police have announced their first arrest in connection with Monday’s assault on the territory’s legislative building, as protesters gird themselves for the possibility of more detentions and what they fear will be a citywide dragnet.        香港——香港警方宣布,已有一人因为周一攻击香港立法会大楼而被捕,而抗议者准备面对更多人逮捕的可能性,他们担心整座城市会布下天罗地网。
        The police said in a statement Wednesday night that they had detained a 31-year-old man on charges that included forcible entry into the building that houses the Legislative Council, as well as causing damage to the premises and attacking the police. The man was identified only by his surname, Poon.        警方在周三晚的声明中称,他们逮捕了一名31岁的男子,罪名包括强行闯入立法会所在大楼,及对大楼造成损坏和袭警。警方仅表示该男子姓潘。
        Several hundred demonstrators broke into the legislature on Monday night after a day of protests, centered on an unpopular bill that would allow extradition to mainland China. Some of them defaced portraits, destroyed surveillance cameras and spray-painted political slogans on walls, as riot police officers looked on. Hundreds of thousands of other people marched peacefully on Monday in a separate demonstration.        周一晚,在经过了一天的抗议后,数百名示威者闯入立法会,抗议聚焦于一份不受欢迎的法案,它将允许把犯罪嫌疑人引渡至中国大陆。在立法会里面,一些人污损肖像、破坏监控摄像头,并在墙上喷涂政治标语,防暴警察则在一旁观看。周一,还有数十万人在另一场示威中举行了和平游行。
        Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese territory, has been roiled by protests since the city’s leaders tried last month to push the extradition bill through the legislature. The bill would make it possible for criminal suspects to be sent to the mainland, where the courts are controlled by the Communist Party, and many residents believe it would put dissidents and others in jeopardy and mark an alarming new development in the erosion of the former British colony’s civil liberties.        自香港领导人上月试图推动立法会通过该引渡法案以来,这片半自治的中国领土已被抗议活动搅动。法案将使得犯罪嫌疑人有可能被送往大陆,那里的法庭为共产党控制,许多民众相信,这将使异见人士和其他人处于危险境地,也标志着这片前英国殖民地公民自由权利遭受侵蚀的情况出现了令人担忧的新变化。
        After enormous protests in June, which included some violent clashes with the police, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, said she would suspend the bill. But demonstrators have demanded that it be fully withdrawn and that Mrs. Lam step down.        经过6月份数次大规模的抗议活动,包括一些与警方的暴力冲突之后,香港行政长官林郑月娥表示将暂缓该法案。但示威者的要求是全面撤回法案,以及林郑月娥下台。
        Earlier Wednesday, the police had announced 12 arrests in connection with the protests Monday, but those were connected with attempts to disrupt a flag-raising ceremony, not the attack on the legislative building.        周三早些时候,警方曾宣布逮捕了12名与周一抗议活动有关者,但他们与企图破坏升旗仪式有关,而不是攻击立法会大楼。
        Reporters were invited by the Hong Kong government on Wednesday to tour the ransacked building, where they saw detectives collecting boxes and bags of evidence. Billy Li, the head of the Progressive Lawyers Group, a pro-democracy association, said the police would crosscheck the evidence with their DNA and fingerprint databases. That process usually takes weeks but can be accelerated, he said.        周三,香港政府邀请记者参观遭到破坏的立法会大楼,他们在那里看到警探正在收集一盒盒、一袋袋的证据。亲民主机构法政汇思(Progressive Lawyers Group)负责人李安然称,警方将把证据同涉案人员的DNA以及指纹数据库进行比对。他表示,这个过程通常需要几星期,但也可以加快进行。
        Many of the protesters are expecting more arrests in the coming days. On messaging apps, which the largely leaderless movement has been using to coordinate its activities, tips have circulated about what to tell the police if arrested: “I have nothing to say. I demand to see a lawyer. I have the right not to unlock my phone. I need to eat, drink water, go to the bathroom, have a blanket.”        许多抗议者预计,未来数日将会有更多人被捕。在一些即时通讯应用程序上,已开始传播被捕后跟警方说什么的提示:“我无可奉告。我要求见律师。我有权不解锁我的手机。我需要吃饭、喝水、上洗手间、得到一块毯子。”这场大体上没有领导者的运动,一直通过这些应用程序对活动进行协调。
        Since the clashes on Monday, questions have been raised about why the police stood by for hours as demonstrators laid siege to the walls of the building, then retreated when it became clear that they had breached the legislature’s inner chamber. Hours later, after most of the protesters had left, the police used tear gas to disperse the remaining crowd outside.        自周一发生冲突以来,人们一直在质疑,为什么警察在示威者包围立法会大楼几个小时的时间里一直在一旁观望,然后当他们发现示威者闯入立法机关内室时就撤退了。又过了几小时,在大部分抗议者离开后,警方才使用催泪瓦斯将剩下的人群赶到外面。
        In a statement on Wednesday, the police said that a physical confrontation within the Legislative Council’s confined space could have had “unpredictable” consequences. The police have come under intense criticism for using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters on June 12.        警方在周三的声明中表示,在立法会的狭小空间里发生肢体冲突,可能会导致“无法预测”的后果。警方因为在6月12日的抗议活动中对示威者使用催泪瓦斯和橡皮子弹而受到猛烈批评。
        While leaders in Beijing and Hong Kong have condemned the mostly young protesters who stormed the legislature on Monday as “extreme radicals,” many demonstrators who had not joined them said they condemned the vandalism but understood those protesters’ frustrations.        虽然北京和香港的领导人谴责周一以年轻人为主的立法会冲击者是“极端激进分子”,但许多未加入他们的示威者表示,虽然他们谴责这种破坏行为,但理解抗议者的不满。
        Jasper Tsang, a former president of the Legislative Council, joined the ranks of a small group of pro-Beijing lawmakers who have unexpectedly urged the government to give more consideration to the protesters’ demands. In a televised interview with a local broadcaster, Now News, on Wednesday night, Mr. Tsang raised the possibility that Mrs. Lam could grant amnesty to the protesters.        前香港立法会主席曾钰成也加入到一小群亲北京的议员行列,出人意料地敦促政府对抗议者的要求给予更多考虑。周三晚间,在接受香港本地的Now新闻采访时,他提出了林郑月娥赦免抗议者的可能性。
        “The chief executive could consider that the whole event was caused by conflict on a deeper level,” Mr. Tsang said. “If the punishments of the young people could be pardoned, then that would be beneficial for the entire society.” Mr. Tsang also suggested that Hong Kong’s political system needed reform.        “特首可以考虑,整件事引发出来,可能是因为更深层的社会矛盾,”曾钰成说,“这些年轻人,如果能够赦免他们的刑责,是会对整个社会有好处。”他还表示,香港的政治体制需要改革。
        Some protesters have pointed to one of the slogans spray-painted in the Legislative Council as summing up their frustrations: “It was you who taught me peaceful protests don’t work.” They noted that nonviolent marches, some of them among the largest in the city’s history, have not pressured Mrs. Lam to fully withdraw the extradition bill or to step down, as they have also demanded.        一些抗议者指出,写在立法会的一条标语总结了他们的不满:“是你教我和平游行是没用”。他们指出,之前的非暴力游行并没能像他们要求的那样,迫使林郑月娥完全撤回引渡法案或者下台。其中几次是香港历史上规模最大的游行。
        On Thursday, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student union said Mrs. Lam had reached out to propose a closed-door meeting with its members, an apparent bid to follow through on her promises to improve communications with the public. But the student union said it had turned her down, saying that any such meeting must be open to the public.        香港科技大学学生会周四表示,林郑月娥主动提出与其学生会举行闭门会议,这显然是为了兑现她改善与公众沟通的承诺。但学生会表示拒绝了她,称任何此类会议都必须向公众开放。
        “The union cannot represent all protesters, and those discussing with Carrie Lam’s government must include all sectors of society,” the student union said in a statement.        学生会在声明中表示:“本会不敢亦不能代表所有抗争者,与林郑政府之对谈必须包含各界代表。”
        The Progressive Lawyers Group appealed to protesters to exercise self-restraint, saying in a statement that their cause “may be undermined by any unwarranted use of force.” But the statement added that “the abuse of power by those in public office does far more damage to the rule of law than disobedience of the law.”        法政汇思呼吁抗议者保持自我克制,它在一份声明中表示,“示威者不适当地使用武力,可能削弱社会对正当诉求的支持”。但该声明又补充说,“拥有公权力的人滥用权力对法治造成的损害,远大于一些不服从法律的行为。”

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