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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein? An Opulent Life, Celebrity Friends and Lurid Accusations

来源:纽约时报    2019-07-10 06:12

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        For years, Jeffrey Epstein lived a luxurious life, socializing with celebrities, jetting off to Europe, California or the Caribbean, where he owned a private island.
        多年来,杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)过着奢华的生活,与名流往来,坐飞机前往欧洲、加利福尼亚或拥有一座私人岛屿的加勒比海。
        In New York, where he lived in one of the largest private houses in Manhattan, his name turned up in gossip columns from time to time, linked to presidents and princes. But he largely stayed out of the spotlight, almost never talking to reporters.        在纽约,他的寓所是曼哈顿最大的私宅之一,他的名字不时出现在八卦专栏上,常常与总统和王子有关。但他基本上远离聚光灯,几乎从不接受记者采访。
        He remained an enigma, a mysterious money manager who even managed to keep any client list private.        他仍然是一个谜,一名神秘的资金管理人,甚至连客户名单都能做到不为外人知。
        Now Mr. Epstein, 66, is at the center of a case involving sex-trafficking and conspiracy charges. He was charged on Monday with bringing girls as young as 14 to his homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Fla., for sex. He is also accused of paying some of them to recruit other girls, also underage. Mr. Epstein pleaded not guilty.        如今,66岁的爱泼斯坦是一桩涉及性交易和共谋罪的案件的中心人物。周一,他被控将几名最低年龄在14岁的女孩带到自己位于曼哈顿和佛罗里达州棕榈滩的家中,从事和性有关的活动。他还被指控付钱给其中一些人,让她们招募其他同样未成年的女孩。爱泼斯坦拒绝认罪。
        He was indicted by a federal grand jury in New York more than a decade after the top federal prosecutor in Miami — Alexander Acosta, now President Trump’s labor secretary — signed off on a plea deal involving similar allegations that was kept secret from his accusers until it had been finalized in court.        他在纽约被联邦大陪审团起诉,十几年前,迈阿密最高联邦检察官亚历山大·阿科斯塔(Alexander Acosta)——现任特朗普总统的劳工部长——曾经同他签署了一项涉及类似指控的认罪协议,该协议一直对原告保密,直到在法庭上最终确定。
        It spared Mr. Epstein from a trial and possible long sentence in federal prison. Instead, he served 13 months on state charges of soliciting prostitution in Florida. But he was allowed to leave the jail six days a week to go to an office and work.        该协议令爱泼斯坦可以不受审判,也令他不用面对在联邦监狱长期服刑的可能性。相反,他因佛罗里达州嫖娼的罪名服刑13个月。但是他被允许每周离开监狱六天去办公室工作。
        Since then, The Miami Herald has run a series of articles about Mr. Epstein’s case, and the Justice Department has faced criticism of the plea deal as another instance of a well-connected man sidestepping a reckoning. The prosecutors in Manhattan who brought the new charges against Mr. Epstein made it clear that the 2008 deal in Florida did not apply.        从那以后,《迈阿密先驱报》(Miami Herald)发表了一系列关于爱泼斯坦案件的文章,而司法部也因认罪交易受到批评,有人称,这是有门路的人得以逃避罪责的又一例证。对爱泼斯坦提起新指控的曼哈顿检察官明确表示,2008年在佛罗里达州达成的协议并不适用本案。
        “The agreement, by its terms, only binds the Southern District of Florida,” Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan, said on Monday.        “根据协议条款,它只对佛罗里达州南区具有约束力,”曼哈顿联邦检察官杰弗里·S·伯曼(Geoffrey S. Berman)于周一表示。
        The indictment marked the downfall of a man who had, until then, been dogged for years by allegations that he lured girls and young women into disturbing sexual encounters but seemed to have escaped serious consequences.        在此之前,爱泼斯坦多年来一直被指控引诱女孩和年轻女性,并与之进行令人不安的性接触,但却似乎没有承受严重后果。此次起诉标志着他的身败名裂。
        He was a noticeable presence at Manhattan parties and movie screenings: Where other men wore jackets and ties, he wore what he always wore — a polo-style shirt, open at the collar, and jeans.        在曼哈顿的派对和电影放映会上,他显得引人注目:其他男人都穿西装打领带,而他却总是一身平时的穿着——马球衫、敞开的领口、牛仔裤。
        People who have met Mr. Epstein describe him as charming, chatty, disarming and funny. New York magazine said in 2002 that he brought “a trophy-hunter’s zeal to his collection of scientists and politicians.”        见过爱泼斯坦的人都说他迷人、健谈、随和、风趣。《纽约》(New York)杂志在2002年写道,他“以一种纪念品猎人的热情扩展自己的科学家和政治家收藏。”
        In 2015, when the now-defunct site Gawker published what it said was his address book, there were entries for three Trumps (Donald, his ex-wife Ivana and their daughter Ivanka); Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor; the actors Alec Baldwin and Dustin Hoffman; the singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett (whose name was misspelled); and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, among many others.        2015年,现已不存在的Gawker网站公布了据信是爱泼斯坦的通讯录,其中有三个特朗普家族成员的名字(唐纳德、他的前妻伊万娜[Ivana]和他们的女儿伊万卡[Ivanka]);前市长迈克尔·R·布隆伯格(Michael R. Bloomberg);演员亚历克·鲍德温(Alec Baldwin)和达斯汀·霍夫曼(Dustin Hoffman);唱作人吉米·巴菲特(Jimmy Buffett,他的名字被拼错了);诺贝尔和平奖得埃利·威塞尔(Elie Wiesel),以及其他许多人。
        He turned up in the gossip columns but lived “a life full of question marks,” as New York magazine put it in 2002. More than one writer likened Mr. Epstein to Jay Gatsby, the enduringly impenetrable F. Scott Fitzgerald character. He was said to look a little like the designer Ralph Lauren, who was born in the Bronx.        他出现在八卦专栏里,但正如《纽约》杂志在2002年所言,他过着“充满问号的生活”。不止一位撰稿人把爱泼斯坦比作杰·盖茨比(Jay Gatsby)——F·斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(F. Scott Fitzgerald)笔下的一个永远难以捉摸的人物。有人说,他看上去有点像出生在布朗克斯的设计师拉尔夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren)。
        But Mr. Epstein came from Brooklyn. His father was a city Parks Department employee. Mr. Epstein took classes in physics at The Cooper Union in the mid-1970s and later attended New York University, but did not receive a degree from either school, New York magazine reported.        但爱泼斯坦来自布鲁克林。他的父亲是城市公园部门的一名雇员。据《纽约》杂志报道,爱泼斯坦1970年代中期在库伯联盟学院(Cooper Union)学物理,后来上了纽约大学(New York University),但没有从这两所学校获得学位。
        He began his career as a math teacher at the Dalton School, an elite private school in Manhattan whose alumni include the cable-news anchor Anderson Cooper, the comedian Chevy Chase and the actress Claire Danes.        他的职业生涯始于在道尔顿学校(Dalton School)担任数学教师,这是曼哈顿的一所精英私立学校,校友包括有线新闻主播安德森·库珀(Anderson Cooper)、喜剧演员切维·蔡斯(Chevy Chase)和演员克莱尔·戴恩斯(Claire Danes)。
        “By most accounts, he was something of a Robin Williams-in-“Dead Poets Society” type of figure, wowing his high-school classes with passionate mathematical riffs,” according to the New York magazine article.        “根据大多数人的描述,他有点像《死亡诗社》(Dead Poets Society)里的罗宾·威廉姆斯(Robin Williams)那种人,他在高中课堂上充满激情的数学讲解令同学们惊叹不已,”《纽约》杂志的文章写道。
        From there he took his math skills to Bear Stearns, then a powerful Wall Street investment bank.        后来,他把自己的数学技能带到了当时实力强大的华尔街投资银行贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)。
        Both New York magazine and Vanity Fair magazine reported that he made connections at Dalton that led him to Alan C. Greenberg, then the dauntless chief executive of the Wall Street firm Bear Stearns. Known as “Ace,” Mr. Greenberg was later the firm’s chairman and the chairman of its executive committee.        《纽约》和《名利场》(Vanity Fair)杂志都报道称,他在道尔顿结识了一些朋友,他们把他介绍给了人称“王牌”(Ace)的艾伦·C·格林伯格(Alan C. Greenberg),贝尔斯登无所畏惧的首席执行官。格林伯格后来成了这家华尔街公司的董事长兼执行委员会主席。
        Under Mr. Greenberg and another top executive, James Cayne, Mr. Epstein “did well enough to become a limited partner — a rung beneath full partner,” Vanity Fair reported.        据《名利场》报道,在格林伯格和另一位顶层高管詹姆斯·凯恩(James Cayne)领导下,爱泼斯坦“做得很好,成了有限合伙人——比全面合伙人低一级”。
        He left in the early 1980s, forming a consulting firm called the International Assets Group that he ran out of his apartment, according to Vanity Fair. Later he set up a money management firm called J. Epstein & Co. It eventually became the Financial Trust Company, based in the Virgin Islands.        据《名利场》报道,他在1980年代初离开,成立了一家名为“国际资产集团”(International Assets Group)的咨询公司。后来,他成立了一家名为J·爱泼斯坦公司(J. Epstein & Co.)的资金管理公司,它最终成了总部位于维尔京群岛的金融信托公司(Financial Trust Company)。
        But there were expensive footnotes about him and Bear Stearns. When two big Bear Stearns hedge funds collapsed in 2007 at the start of the financial crisis, Mr. Epstein’s firm was one of the bigger losers, out more than $50 million. Mr. Epstein’s firm also claimed in a lawsuit that he lost even more money when Bear Stearns itself collapsed in 2008.        但他和贝尔斯登之间也有一些代价高昂的琐事。2007年金融危机开始时,贝尔斯登的两家大型对冲基金倒闭,爱泼斯坦的公司是损失最大的客户之一,损失超过5000万美元。爱泼斯坦的公司还在一场诉讼中称,2008年贝尔斯登倒闭时,他损失了更多的钱。
        Exactly what his money management operation did was cloaked in secrecy, as were most of the names of whomever he did it for. He claimed to work for a number of billionaires, but the only known major client was Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder of several retail chains, including The Limited.        他的资金管理业务包括什么,以及他大多数客户是谁,都是严格保密的。他声称为许多亿万富翁工作,但他唯一为人所知的大客户是莱斯利·韦克斯纳(Leslie Wexner),这位亿万富翁是包括The Limited在内的几家零售连锁店的创始人。
        Mr. Wexner is the chief executive of L Brands, which now operates Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. Mr. Epstein also did work for Steven Hoffenberg, a financier who offered to rescue The New York Post in 1994, the year before he was charged with securities fraud.        韦克斯纳是L Brands的首席执行官,该公司目前运营着“维多利亚的秘密”(Victoria ’s Secret)和Bath & Body Works。爱泼斯坦也曾为金融家史蒂文·霍夫曼伯格(Steven Hoffenberg)工作,后者曾在1994年提出愿意拯救《纽约邮报》(The New York Post),于次年被控证券欺诈。
        Mr. Epstein’s townhouse was once owned by a company that he and Mr. Wexner both controlled. In 2011, it was transferred to a Virgin Island-based company called Maple Inc., of which Mr. Epstein is the president.        爱泼斯坦的联排别墅曾经属于他和韦克斯纳共同控制的一家公司。2011年,这家公司被转移到维尔京群岛一家名为Maple Inc.的公司,爱泼斯坦是该公司的总裁。
        A spokeswoman for Mr. Wexner said the retail magnate had “severed ties” with Mr. Epstein about a decade ago. Calls to Financial Trust’s office in St. Thomas and to a lawyer for Mr. Epstein there have not been returned.        韦克斯纳的发言人表示,这位零售业巨头大约在10年前与爱泼斯坦“断绝关系”。记者致电位于圣托马斯的金融信托公司办公室和爱泼斯坦的律师,均未得到回复。
        Over the weekend, investigators smashed the tall wooden front doors of Mr. Epstein’s $56 million Manhattan townhouse in a raid, and said they found a safe with lewd photographs. In arguing that his wealth and private jets made him a flight risk, they said he had six residences.        在上周末一次突查行动中,调查人员撞开了爱泼斯坦价值5600万美元的曼哈顿联排别墅的高大木门,并称发现了一个保险箱,里面有淫秽照片。他们声称,他有六处住所,他的财富和私人飞机让他有逃跑的风险。
        They also described a fleet that included SUVs and a Mercedes-Benz sedan. His New York state sex-offender listing, required after his deal in Florida in 2008, said he also had a 2017 Bentley.        他们还描述了爱泼斯坦拥有的众多车辆,包括几辆SUV和一辆奔驰轿车。他的2008年佛罗里达认罪交易要求他在纽约州登记为性犯罪者,登记信息中提到他还有一辆2017年的宾利。
        There was no mention of the Boeing 727 — decorated with mink and sable throws — that flew him to Africa with former President Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey in 2002. It also flew Epstein and other acquaintances to a TED Talk in California with lunch catered by Le Cirque, a Manhattan restaurant with a celebrity clientele.        其中没有提到波音727——这架装饰着水貂和黑貂毛毯的飞机在2002年曾载着他和前总统比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)、演员凯文·史派西(Kevin Spacey)飞往非洲。它还曾载着爱泼斯坦和其他熟人到加州参加TED演讲,午餐由备受名流青睐的曼哈顿餐厅Le Cirque提供。
        Clinton “knows nothing about the terrible crimes” that Epstein was charged with in New York or pleaded guilty to in Florida in 2008, a spokesman for the former president said Monday. The spokesman, Angel Ureña, said that Clinton had taken four trips on Epstein’s plane in 2002 and 2003 — one to Europe, one to Asia and two to Africa.        克林顿发言人周一表示,前总统“对爱泼斯坦在纽约被指控或2008年在佛罗里达州认罪的可怕罪行毫不知情”。发言人安吉·尤瑞娜(Angel Urena)说,2002年和2003年,克林顿曾搭乘爱泼斯坦的飞机进行了四次旅行——一次飞往欧洲,一次飞往亚洲,两次飞往非洲。
        Ureña emphasized that Clinton was accompanied by staff members and supporters of Clinton’s foundation “on every leg of every trip” and was accompanied by someone from his staff and his security detail when he made “one brief visit” to Epstein’s home. That was around the same time as a meeting in Clinton’s office in Harlem in 2002, Ureña said.        尤瑞娜强调,克林顿“每一段行程的每一站”都是在克林顿基金会(Clinton Foundation)工作人员和支持者的陪同下,在对爱泼斯坦的家进行“短暂访问”期间,他是在工作人员中的某一位和他的安全小组陪同下。 尤瑞娜称,2002年在克林顿位于哈林区办公室的一次会面差不多也是在那段时间。
        “He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico or his residence in Florida,” Ureña said.        “过去十多年,他没有和爱泼斯坦说过话,也从未去过小圣詹姆斯岛、爱泼斯坦在新墨西哥州的牧场或他在佛罗里达州的住所,”尤瑞娜说。
        Not everyone who flew on Epstein’s planes was a boldface name. Models “have been heard saying they are full of gratitude to Epstein for flying them around, and he is a familiar face to many of the Victoria’s Secret girls,” Vanity Fair said in 2003 after noting, “Epstein is known about town as a man who loves women — lots of them, mostly young.”        并非每个乘坐爱泼斯坦飞机的人都是大人物。模特们“据说对爱泼斯坦载着她们飞来飞去感激不尽,许多维密女郎认识他,”《名利场》2003年称,这本杂志之前还指出,“大家都知道爱泼斯坦喜欢女人——很多女人,大多是年轻女人。”
        While Epstein may have enjoyed proximity to power, he made relatively modest political contributions, according to Federal Election Commission records.        根据联邦选举委员会的记录,虽然爱泼斯坦可能和当权者关系很近,但他的政治捐款数额相对不大。
        He donated at least $188,126 to federal candidates between 1987 and 2005, most of it to Democrats, peaking around Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2000. He gave $40,000 to groups supporting her then.        1987年至2005年,他向联邦候选人捐赠了至少188,126美元,其中大部分捐赠给了民主党人,尤其是2000年希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)参加联邦参议院竞选前后特别多。他当时给了支持她的团体4万美元。
        Former Sen. Robert Torricelli, who led the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm in that election cycle, said Tuesday that he had never met Epstein or spoken with him. Robert Zimmerman, who raised funds for Hillary Clinton’s Senate race, said that he did not recall any interactions with Epstein.        在该竞选周期中负责参议院民主党竞选的前参议员罗伯特·托里切利(Robert Torricelli)周二表示,他从未见过爱泼斯坦或与他交谈过。为希拉里·克林顿的参议院竞选活动筹集资金的罗伯特·齐默曼(Robert Zimmerman)说,他不记得与爱泼斯坦有过任何互动。
        He has given money to only two federal candidates since his 2008 criminal case, one of them being Stacey Plaskett, the Democratic congressional delegate from the Virgin Islands, where he has a home. Plaskett said on Tuesday that she would give the money to charity.        自2008年的刑事案件以来,他只向两名联邦候选人提供过资金,其中一人是来自维尔京群岛的民主党众议员斯泰西·普拉斯基特(Stacey Plaskett),他在那里有一处宅邸。普拉斯基特周二表示,她会把这笔钱捐给慈善机构。
        Sometimes Epstein’s donations were unexpected and unwanted. Last October, he made an unsolicited $10,000 donation online to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The committee’s finance staff returned it, a former committee official said.        爱泼斯坦的捐款有时会出乎意料且不受欢迎。去年10月,他主动在网上向民主党国会竞选委员会捐赠了1万美元。一名前委员会官员称,委员会财务人员退还了那笔钱。
        They also emphasized his private island in describing his primary residence on Little St. James Island, in the Virgin Islands. They said he had a second home on the islands, along with places in New Mexico — a ranch he reportedly named “Zorro” — and Paris.        在描述他在维尔京群岛小圣詹姆斯岛上的主要居住地时,他们还强调了他的私人岛屿。他们称他在岛上有另一处宅邸,在新墨西哥州也有些地方——据说是一片他称为“佐罗”的牧场——在巴黎也有。
        Private as he was, Mr. Epstein was apparently concerned about what the public thought of him. A mutual friend arranged for him to meet R. Couri Hay, a public relations consultant. Mr. Hay said on Monday that their first meeting, at Mr. Epstein’s townhouse, took place three years ago.        虽注重私人空间,爱泼斯坦显然也关心公众对他的看法。一个共同的朋友曾安排他和公共关系顾问R·库里·海伊(R. Couri Hay)见面。海伊周一表示,他们第一次见面是三年前在爱泼斯坦的曼哈顿联排别墅。
        Mr. Epstein was not ready to re-emerge in the public eye — not then, anyway. Three months ago, Mr. Epstein called and invited him over to discuss damage control, Mr. Hay said.        爱泼斯坦尚未准备好重新出现在公众视野——至少那时没有。海伊称,三个月前,爱泼斯坦曾打电话邀他前去讨论止损问题。
        “He hates every story starting with ‘billionaire pervert,’” Mr. Hay said. “Jeffrey had long stories about the difference between pedophilia with very young children and tweens and teens a little older.” He added, “It was his way of trying to talk his way around it.”        “他不想看到每则报道开头都是‘亿万富翁色魔’,”海伊说。“他会长篇大论地说,幼童癖恋和喜欢再大一点的少年是有区别的。”他接着说,“那是他给自己开脱的方式。”
        Mr. Hay said he ultimately declined to work for Mr. Epstein. He said he had misgivings about Mr. Epstein’s sincerity.        海伊称,他最后拒绝为爱泼斯坦提供服务。他表示自己担心爱泼斯坦没跟他说实话。

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