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Next to Protest Against Hong Kong’s Government: Its Employees

来源:纽约时报    2019-08-02 09:54

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        HONG KONG — This summer, Hong Kong has seen protests against the government by students, teachers, parents, lawyers, doctors, nurses, social workers, seniors and finance workers. On Friday, members of one prominent group that has not yet collectively taken to the streets are expected to join them: professionals within the government itself.        香港——今年夏天,香港已经发生了有学生、教师、家长、律师、医生、护士、社工、老年人,以及金融工作者参加的反政府抗议活动。周五,一个尚未集体走上街头的知名团体的成员预计将加入到抗议活动中来,他们是在政府内部工作的专业人士。
        The action by members of the civil service — scheduled to be a two-hour gathering after work in a downtown park — is likely to be one of the more placid protests in this former British colony. But it could also be a powerful one, showing that public discontent with Hong Kong’s leaders is shared by at least some of the people who serve under them.        一些公务员计划在周五下班后前往市中心的一个公园举行两小时集会,他们的行动可能会是这个英国前殖民地看到的更为平静的抗议活动。但这也可能是一次强有力的行动,表明至少某些为政府工作的人对于公众对香港领导人的不满,也有同感。
        It comes as the government, led by Chief Executive Carrie Lam, is facing pressure from Beijing to restore order, in light of increasingly frequent clashes between demonstrators and the police. This week, the People’s Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong released a promotional video pledging to defend Chinese sovereignty in the semiautonomous territory, with footage of troops rounding up mock protesters in a drill.        公务员的抗议活动发生在行政长官林郑月娥领导的政府面临着来自北京的压力的时候,由于示威者与警察之间的冲突日益频繁,中央正在要求香港政府恢复秩序。本周,中国人民解放军驻香港部队发布了一段宣传视频,承诺捍卫中国对这片半自治领土的主权,其中有军队在演习中抓获模拟的抗议者的画面。
        The planned demonstration by city employees has raised questions about whether such an action would violate the civil service’s restrictions against public engagement in politics, and how it might affect the service’s reputation as one of the region’s most effective bureaucracies. In a message sent Thursday to all civil servants, the official who oversees them, Joshua Law, said he “absolutely” did not approve of such a demonstration.        香港政府雇员计划举行示威活动引发了一些问题:这个行动是否会违反公务员队伍管理规则中对公开参与政治的限制,以及这样做可能会给被誉为该地区最有效率的官僚机构之一的香港公务员体系造成怎样的影响。公务员事务局局长罗智光在周四发给所有公务员的信中说,他“绝对”不赞成这种示威活动。
        "This is unprecedented,” said John P. Burns, an emeritus professor at the University of Hong Kong who has studied the civil service. “The very fact they are physically coming together in one place is one thing. But I think they’ve already done what they need to do, and that’s issue a statement.”        “这是前所未有的,”香港大学荣誉退休教授卜约翰(John P. Burns)说,他曾研究香港的公务员制度。“他们在某个地方实际上聚在一起是一回事儿。但我认为,他们已经做了他们想要做的事情,那就是发表了那份声明。”
        In recent days, several groups of civil servants appear to have called on the government — anonymously — to address protesters’ concerns. In petitions and open letters on social media, hundreds have indicated their endorsement by sharing photos of their civil service staff cards, with their names covered.        近日来,一些公务员团体似乎在(匿名地)呼吁政府设法解决抗议者担心的问题。在社交媒体上的请愿书和公开信中,数百名公务员用上传自己公务员卡照片的方式以示支持,不过他们掩盖了照片中的姓名。
        Last week, more than 100 of the city’s roughly 700 administrative officers, an elite level of policymaker, apparently endorsed a letter calling for an independent investigation into issues surrounding the protests — including the mob attack on protesters and bystanders at a train station last week, and the reasons for the police’s failure to stop it.        上周,似乎有100多名政务主任(香港约有700名政务主任,他们是精英级别的政策制定者)对一封公开信表示支持,要求对围绕抗议活动的问题展开独立调查,包括暴徒上周在一个火车站附近袭击抗议者和旁观者,以及警察未能阻止袭击的原因。
        Among other issues, the letter also called for an investigation into the process by which Mrs. Lam’s government introduced a now-suspended bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland China, the issue that set off the demonstrations.        公开信要求调查的问题还包括,林郑月娥政府将一项现已暂停的法案提交给立法会的过程。该法案允许把逃犯引渡到中国大陆,这是引发抗议活动的原因。
        “If we do not face the root of the problem, we are not only disregarding our mission to serve the public, it would also be impossible to steer Hong Kong back onto the right track,” the letter read.        “对问题根源视若无睹,非但将服务市民的使命置之不顾、更遑论将香港带回正轨,”这封信写道。
        Another letter endorsed by self-identified civil servants, numbering more than 200, threatened “concrete industrial actions” if “the government continues to ignore public opinion.” Staff members from the Hong Kong Department of Justice’s prosecutions division appeared to endorse a letter criticizing the department’s leadership and calling for an investigation of the mob attack, in the satellite town of Yuen Long.        另一封得到200多名自称公务员的人支持的声明信威胁,如果“政府继续漠视民意”,将“筹备具体工业行动”。香港律政司刑事检控科的工作人员似乎认可了一封批评律政司领导的公开信,并呼吁对卫星城元朗发生的暴徒袭击事件进行调查。
        And a letter attributed to firefighters and paramedics condemned the slow police response to the mob attack. No officers intervened as the mob, of men dressed in white shirts and carrying sticks, beat people indiscriminately; no arrests were initially made, and some of those since detained are suspected of ties to criminal gangs known as triads, which have a history of being hired to carry out political violence.        一封据称来自消防员和救护员的信,谴责了警方对暴徒袭击的迟缓反应。身穿白衬衫、手持棍棒的暴徒不加选择地打人时,警察没有介入;警方最初也没有逮捕任何人。一些后来被拘留的人被怀疑与犯罪团伙三合会有关,三合会有被雇实施政治暴力的历史。
        The Law Society, a lawyers’ organization that usually takes pro-establishment positions, joined the calls for an independent inquiry into the growing political crisis on Thursday.        通常采取亲政府立场的香港律师会,周四也加入到对这场日益严重的政治危机进行独立调查的呼声中来。
        One Hong Kong civil servant, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation at work, said she and many of her colleagues were angered that the police, while taking swift action against antigovernment protesters, had done nothing to stop a mob from beating some of those same demonstrators. She said the public was losing its trust in the government, which was affecting their work.        一名香港公务员说,她和许多同事都被警察的做法激怒了,警察对反政府示威者采取行动时速度很快,但没有采取任何措施阻止暴徒殴打同是示威者中的一些人。她说,公众正在对政府失去信任,这对他们的工作也有影响。因担心在工作中遭到报复,她要求不具名。
        Michael Ngan, a Labor Department officer who filed the application to hold the Friday protest, told the public broadcaster RTHK that he considered it a display of responsiveness to public concerns.        提交了举行周五集会申请的劳工处官员颜武周对香港电台说,他认为那是响应公众担忧的表现。
        “We are not organizing a resistance, nor are we standing in opposition to the government,” he said. “We want to send a message to the public that civil servants can hear your voices and are willing to share them with the government, thereby repairing the relationship between the government and the people.”        “我们不是组织抵抗,也不是站出来反对政府,”他说。“我们想发给公众一个信息:公务员能听到你们的声音,并愿意与政府分享你们的声音,从而修复政府与人民的关系。”
        Mr. Ngan and other organizers of the Friday protest declined requests for interviews. Some said they had been deluged with harassing phone calls.        颜武周及周五集会的其他组织者拒绝了记者的采访请求。一些人说,他们接到了大量的骚扰电话。
        Mr. Law, the head of the civil service, said in his internal memo on Thursday that “civil servants must remain politically neutral,” though he did not explicitly threaten to punish employees who participated in the demonstration on Friday. He said “outside parties” could “have misconceptions that the civil service is in opposition with the government.”        公务员事务局局长罗智光在周四发给全体公务员的内部备忘录中说,“公务员必须保持政治中立”,不过他没有明确威胁要惩罚参加周五集会的员工。他说,“外界”可能会“误以为公务员与政府对着干”。
        The government issued a statement later Thursday saying that “acts to undermine the principle of political neutrality of the civil service are totally unacceptable.”        香港政府周四晚些时候发表声明说,“绝不接受任何冲击公务员政治中立原则的行为。”
        Some civil servants have said that they plan to participate in a general strike that protest organizers are encouraging people across the city to join on Monday.        一些公务员已表示,他们打算加入到抗议活动组织者正在鼓励全体港人参加的周一总罢工中来。
        Mr. Ngan told RTHK that the tone of the gathering Friday would be rational. He said he intended to invite Mrs. Lam, the chief executive, or another senior official to address their concerns.        颜武周对香港电台说,周五集会的气氛会是理性的。他说,他打算邀请行政长官林郑月娥或其他高级官员来设法解决他们担心的问题。
        Ms. Lam is a career civil servant, as are almost all of her chief ministers. She can be stern in interviews and public appearances, but she often speaks warmly of the bureaucracy, and the protest and public letters have served as stark notice that such sentiments are not always reciprocated.        林郑月娥是一名职业公务员,她手下的几乎所有主要官员都是职业公务员。尽管她在接受采访和公开露面时可能表现得很严厉,但她经常热情地说起香港的官僚机构。周五的集会、以及那些公开信则清楚地表明,并不是所有人都对这种情绪有共鸣。
        According to their code of conduct, Hong Kong’s civil servants, of whom there are about 180,000, are required to be loyal to the city’s leaders and keep private any personal views that contradict the government’s decisions. “Once a decision has been taken by the administration, civil servants should support and implement the decision fully and faithfully irrespective of their personal preferences and should not make known their own views in public,” the then-head of the civil service told the legislature in 2004.        根据《公务员守则》,香港的大约18万名公务员必须效忠于香港的领导人,不公开发表任何与政府的决定相抵触的个人意见。前任公务员事务局局长曾在2004年对立法会说:“在政府作出决定后,不论个人立场如何,公务员应全力支持,把决定付诸实行,并且不应公开发表个人意见。”
        Scholars and civil servants could think of no similar protest in recent decades. But in the 1970s, after Hong Kong began an aggressive campaign against police corruption, some officers protested, saying they were being too harshly targeted.        学者和公务员们都想不出最近几十年里发生过任何类似的集会。但在20世纪70年代香港展开一场声势浩大的反腐败运动期间,一些警察进行过抗议,他们认为自己是被过分严厉打击的目标。
        In 1977, after a series of demonstrations, dozens of officers stormed the headquarters of an antigraft body, the Independent Commission Against Corruption. As a result, Murray MacLehose, then Hong Kong’s colonial governor, issued a partial amnesty for past police corruption.        1977年,在发生了一系列示威活动之后,数十名警察冲进了反腐机构——廉政公署的总部。结果,当时担任殖民地香港总督的麦理浩(Murray MacLehose)颁布命令,部分赦免了警察过去的腐败行为。
        What punishments, if any, civil servants who participate in a protest on Friday would face could be a matter for their immediate superiors. But Professor Burns said the reputation of the civil service in general was likely to be unscathed.        参加周五集会的公务员会面临什么惩罚(如果有惩罚的话),可能会取决于他们的直接上司。但卜约翰说,公务员的总体声誉可能不会受损害。
        “We have a group of civil servants saying we think this is what’s called for,” he said. “I think the community will be happy for that.”        “我们有一群说我们觉得这是该做之事的公务员,”他说。“我认为,社区会为此感到高兴。”

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