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对付“咸猪手”有新招  日本“防狼印章”半小时售罄
Invisible-ink stamps to identify gropers on Japanese public transport sell out in minutes

来源:中国日报    2019-08-30 14:05

        A new device aimed at tackling sexual harassment on crowded trains and public transport has sold out just half an hour after it went on sale in Japan.        日本最近推出一款新设备,旨在解决拥挤的火车和公共交通上的性骚扰问题,该产品公开发售仅半个小时后就销售一空。
        The "anti-groping" stamps, manufactured by stamp-maker Shachihata Inc., allow victims of harassment to mark their assailants with invisible ink, and also provide a deterrent to would-be attackers.        这种“防狼印章”由印章制造商日本旗牌有限公司生产,让性骚扰受害者可以用隐形墨水在侵犯者身上做记号,同时也对潜在的性骚扰者起到威慑作用。
        A limited run of 500 stamps, which retailed at 2,500 yen, sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale on Tuesday, a company spokesman told CNN.        该公司一名发言人告诉美国有线新闻网,这种印章限量发行500枚,零售价为2500日元(约合人民币167元),8月27日发售后半小时内就售罄了。
        When used the stamp leaves the mark of an open palm which can only be seen under ultraviolet light.        使用时,印章会留下五指伸开的手掌形印记,只有在紫外线下才能看到。
        The mark is not visible under sunlight, making it very discreet in public, and is quick to use as there is no lid.        这种印记在阳光下是看不见的,使之在公共场合非常隐蔽,而且由于没有盖子,可以快速使用。
        A light which is included with the stamp can be used to reveal the 9-millimeter stamp and the mark can be washed off.        印章上还有一个小灯,可以让9毫米大小的印记“现身”,印记也可以洗去。
        Buyers of the product also get a strap which can be attached to bags and show to others that they have the stamp on them.        购买者还可以得到一条系在包上的带子,以示自己携带有这种印章。
        In May, Shachihata said it would develop the stamp after discussions erupted on social networking sites about how to discourage groping -- known as "chikan" -- on crowded trains.        今年5月,日本社交网站上掀起了一场关于如何阻止拥挤火车上性骚扰的讨论,随后该公司表示将开发“防狼印章”。这些侵犯者在日本被称为“电车痴汉”,意即“色狼”。
        One social media user suggested pricking the offender's hands with a safety pin, while others pointed out that this could be a crime in itself.        一名社交媒体用户建议用安全别针扎侵犯者的手,其他人则指出这本身可能也是犯罪行为。
        Others suggested stamps could be used to mark and shame offenders. Shachihata, a well-known stamp maker in Japan, hinted it might be able to help to develop the product, and after three months the company revealed trial sales for its first model.        还有一些人认为,可以用印章来标记和羞辱侵犯者。著名印章制造商日本旗牌有限公司表示有意向开发这款产品。三个月后,该公司试行发售了首款“防狼印章”。
        In May this year a video appeared of a pair of Japanese schoolgirls chasing down a suspected groper on a station platform.        今年5月,一段视频显示,两名日本女学生在站台上追赶一名疑似性骚扰者。
        Video taken from the platform of Akabane Station in Tokyo showed the man dodging commuters as he made an attempt to flee before another man trips him up.        东京赤羽站的站台上拍摄的这段视频显示,当时这位男子正在躲避通勤者,试图逃跑,而后被另一名男子绊倒。
        In a test-run sale, the stamps sold out within 30 minutes, Shachihata Inc. spokesman Fumihiro Mukai told CNN.        该公司发言人向井文博告诉美国有线新闻网,在试行发售中,印章在半小时内售罄。
        "I was so surprised how quickly they were sold out," he said.        他说:“这么快就卖光了,我感到非常惊讶。”
        Shachihata Inc told customers on Twitter they would post on their website if any more were made.        该公司在推特上告诉顾客,如果生产出更多产品,会在官网发布消息。
        A spokesman for the company told the Japan Times that after the trial sale, the company plans to adapt the product based on feedback.        该公司的一位发言人告诉《日本时报》,公司计划在试销后根据反馈调整产品。
        Although police have not been involved in the development of the stamp, Mukai told CNN that the company is hopeful that it will help curb sexual harassment.        虽然警方没有参与印章的开发,但向井文博告诉美国有线新闻网,该公司希望这将有助于遏制性骚扰。
        In a series of posts made on the company's Twitter account Shachihata said the stamp was just a "small step".        该公司在一系列推文中表示,“防狼印章”只是“一小步”。
        They said: "The most ideal would be a world free of sexual crimes. This is a small step. We will continue to think of ways to contribute to society."        其中说道:“最理想的状态是杜绝性犯罪。这只是一小步。我们将继续努力为社会做贡献。”
        Yayoi Matsunaga, head of the Osaka-based Chikan Yokushi Katsudo Center (Groping Prevention Activities Center), said the move was 'very meaningful.'        总部位于大阪的反性骚扰活动中心负责人松永弥生说,此举“非常有意义”。
        The release of an anti-groping product "should have a big impact on society, which could lead to deterrence," she added.        她还说,一款防性骚扰产品的发布“会对社会产生很大影响,可能会产生威慑作用”。
        Japan is ranked 110th out of 149 countries in the World Economic Forum's index measuring gender equality.        在世界经济论坛性别平等指数排名中,日本在149个国家中排在第110位。
        A 2001 survey found two thirds of female high school students in Tokyo had been groped on trains.        2001年的一项调查发现,东京三分之二的女高中生在火车上遭遇过“咸猪手”。
        The country also ranks bottom among G7 countries for gender equality, despite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pledge to empower working women through a policy called "womenomics."        尽管日本首相安倍晋三承诺通过“女性经济学”政策赋予职业女性权力,但日本的性别平等排名在七国集团国家中垫底。

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