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Chinese Military Sends New Troops Into Hong Kong

来源:纽约时报    2019-08-30 10:25

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        HONG KONG — The Chinese military began sending a new group of troops into Hong Kong on Thursday, a move it described as a normal annual rotation of its garrison in the city, but one that was being closely watched because of the local political turmoil.        香港——周四,中国军队开始派遣一批新的驻军进入香港,称这是解放军驻港部队的正常年度轮换,但由于香港政局动荡,此次轮换受到了人们的密切关注。
        The move came hours before two organizers of the protests that have roiled the city said they were attacked, in separate incidents, by men with makeshift weapons, one in a restaurant and the other while giving an interview on a sidewalk. Also Thursday, the police denied a protest group permission to hold another large march through the city this weekend.        就在年度轮换发生前的几小时,席卷香港的抗议活动的两名组织者说,他们分别在不同场合遭到他人使用临时性武器的袭击,一人是在餐馆,另一人是在人行道上接受采访时。同样在周四,警方拒绝了一个抗议组织本周末在香港举行又一场大型游行的许可。
        Chinese state-run media published photos and video of the troop movement, showing trucks, armored personnel carriers and a ship entering Hong Kong under cover of early-morning darkness.        中国官方媒体发布的部队轮换照片和视频显示,在凌晨的夜幕中,卡车、装甲运兵车以及一艘军舰进入香港。
        “This rotation is an annual normal routine action approved by the Central Military Commission,” Lt. Col. Han You, a spokesman for the Hong Kong garrison of the People’s Liberation Army, said in a written statement. In recent years, the garrison has indeed carried out its rotation at the end of August.        “这次轮换是经中央军委批准进行的年度正常例行行动,”中国人民解放军驻香港部队发言人韩铀中校在一份书面声明中说。近年来,驻港部队的确是在8月底进行轮换。
        The Chinese military has about 6,000 to 10,000 soldiers in Hong Kong at any given time. The exact number is not made public. The troops have been based here since Hong Kong, a former British colony, returned to Chinese control in 1997.        中国军队约有6000到10000名士兵驻扎在香港。具体驻军数字没有公布。自1997年英国前殖民地香港回归中国以来,这些部队一直驻扎在这里。
        After the rotation of troops last year, the military said the number of troops and equipment was the same as the previous year. Lt. Col. Han’s statement this year did not include such a declaration, fueling speculation that the military was expanding its strength in Hong Kong.        在去年部队轮换后,解放军表示,士兵人数和装备数量与前一年相同。韩铀今年的声明中没有包括这样的内容,这加剧了外界对香港驻军扩充军力的猜测。
        The city is in the midst of its biggest political crisis since the handover, with near-daily protests against the government, including some that have turned violent, with demonstrators throwing stones and even firebombs at police. On Sunday, an officer fired a warning shot as a group of protesters with sticks and metal poles charged a group of police officers.        香港正处于回归以来最大的政治危机之中,几乎每天都有针对政府的抗议活动,其中一些已转向暴力,有的示威者向警察投掷石块,甚至燃烧弹。周日,随着一群手持木棍和金属棒的抗议者冲向一群警察,一名警员曾鸣枪警告。
        The police on Thursday denied demonstrators permission to hold a large march on Saturday, to mark the fifth anniversary of China’s decision to put strict limits on a promised expansion of direct elections in Hong Kong. That move led to large-scale protests in the autumn of 2014 that became known as the Umbrella Movement. Organizers of the proposed Saturday march said they would appeal the police’s decision.        警方周四拒绝批准示威者在周六举行大规模游行的计划,周六是中央政府严格限制香港普选决定的五周年纪念日,中央政府曾承诺扩大香港的直接选举。该决定导致了2014年秋季发生的大规模抗议活动,后被称为“雨伞运动”。周六游行活动的组织者说,他们将对警方的决定提出上诉。
        One of the organizers, Jimmy Sham, said he was attacked on Thursday afternoon at a restaurant in the Kowloon area by two men, armed with a baseball bat and a cleaver. Mr. Sham said he was not injured, but that a friend who protected him was struck on the arm.        其中一名组织者岑子杰(Jimmy Sham)说,周四下午,他在九龙的一家餐馆遭到了两名手持棒球棒和菜刀的男子的袭击。岑子杰说,他没有受伤,但一名保护他的朋友的手臂被击中。
        Hours later, Max Chung, another protest organizer, said he had also been attacked. He said four men began hitting him with umbrellas and metal bars as he met with journalists from a local online news organization. The news outlet, Truth Media Hong Kong, posted photos of Mr. Chung showing injuries to his back, neck and arms.        几小时后,另一名抗议组织者钟健平(Max Chung)说,他也遭到了袭击。他说,在他与当地一家在线新闻媒体的记者见面时,四名男子开始用雨伞和铁棍打他。这家名为“香港真相媒体”(Truth Media Hong Kong)的新闻机构发布照片显示,钟健平背部、颈部和手臂受伤。
        Protesters in Hong Kong have occasionally been attacked this summer by men with makeshift weapons, some of whom have been associated with organized crime. Last month, a mob of more than 100 men attacked protesters, journalists and bystanders in a train station in Yuen Long, a satellite town near the border with mainland China.        今年夏天,香港的抗议者偶尔会遭到他人使用临时武器的袭击,其中一些袭击者与有组织的犯罪活动有联系。上个月,在靠近中国大陆边境的卫星城元朗,100多名暴徒在一个火车站袭击了抗议者、记者和旁观者。
        The police were widely criticized for their slow response to that assault. Since then, the police have arrested more than 20 men, including some who have ties to gangs known as triads. Two of them were charged last week with rioting over the Yuen Long attack.        警方因对那次袭击反应迟缓而受到了人们的广泛批评。在那以后,警方逮捕了20多名男子,其中一些人与黑社会有联系。已有两人上周因元朗袭击事件被控参与暴动。
        Mr. Chung organized a demonstration in Yuen Long days after the mob attack, to protest the violence and the slow police response.        在袭击事件发生的几天后,钟健平在元朗组织了一次示威,以抗议暴力事件和警方反应迟缓。
        This summer’s protests began over legislation, since suspended, that would allow extraditions to mainland China. Many in Hong Kong feared the bill would further increase Beijing’s influence over Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese territory that has its own courts and local government and greater protection for civil liberties than the rest of the country.        今年夏天的抗议活动始于修订《逃犯条例》,该条例允许将嫌犯引渡到中国大陆,目前修例已被无限期推迟。许多香港人担心,修例将进一步增强北京对香港的影响力。香港是半自治的中国领土,拥有自己的法院和地方政府,这里有比中国其他地方强得多的公民自由保护。
        The protesters’ demands have expanded to include a full withdrawal of the extradition bill, an investigation into allegations of excessive use of force by the police and expanded direct elections, the issue that drove the Umbrella Movement protests in 2014.        “反送中”抗议者的诉求已扩大到彻底撤回修订《逃犯条例》,对警方过度使用武力的指控展开调查,以及扩大直接选举。正是普选的问题引发了2014年的“雨伞运动”。
        The Saturday march was proposed by the Civil Human Rights Front, a group that has organized several enormous demonstrations this summer, including the June 9 march that began this summer’s wave of protests.        周六的游行是由民间人权阵线(Civil Human Rights Front)提出的,该团体今年夏天组织了几次大规模的示威活动,包括引发今夏抗议浪潮的6月9日大游行。
        Many protesters made it clear on social media that they planned to march Saturday regardless of whether they were authorized to do so. The police banned a march organized by the Civil Human Rights Front two weeks ago, but hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in defiance, a sign of the movement's continuing strength and the demonstrators’ increasing disregard for official prohibitions.        许多抗议者在社交媒体上明确表示,不管是否得到授权,他们打算周六上街游行。两周前,虽然警方禁止了民间人权阵线组织的游行,但仍有数十万人坚持走上街头,表明这场运动的力量仍在持续,而且示威者也越来越不理会官方的禁令。
        The route proposed for Saturday’s march goes from the Central district to the Chinese government’s representative office, known as the liaison office, in the northwestern part of Hong Kong Island. That office was vandalized by protesters last month, leading to vehement denunciations from China.        周六游行的拟定路线是从中环到位于香港岛西北部名为中联办的中央政府代表办公室。上个月,中联办遭到抗议者的破坏,引发了中央政府的强烈谴责。
        The liaison office has since put a plastic shield around the national crest that hangs outside the building, which protesters had spattered with ink. In recent weeks, the police have fired several rounds of tear gas to keep protesters from approaching the office.        那之后,中联办用一个塑料罩将大楼外悬挂的国徽保护起来,抗议者曾把墨水泼到国徽上。为阻止抗议者接近中联办大楼,警方已在最近几周里使用过几轮催泪瓦斯。
        In explaining their decision to ban the Saturday march, the police said that more than 20 protests since early June had ended in acts of violence, including people throwing bricks and lighting fires.        在解释禁止周六游行的决定时,警方说,自6月初以来,已有20多起抗议活动最终出现暴力行为,包括有人扔砖头和放火。

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