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Hong Kong Students Begin School Year With Gas Masks, Class Boycotts and Protests

来源:纽约时报    2019-09-03 10:22

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        HONG KONG — High school students in Hong Kong starting the new school year on Monday arrived to class wearing gas masks and joined hands to form human chains. University undergraduates held a strike, waved flags and chanted protest slogans.        香港——香港中学生在周一新学年开始之际,戴着防毒面具来到校园,手拉手形成人链。大学本科生举行了罢课,他们挥舞旗帜,高呼抗议口号。
        After a summer of demonstrating in the streets, outside municipal offices and in the airport, students refuted the government’s wishful assertion that once they returned to school the months of pro-democracy protests that have roiled the city would come to an end.        学生们整个夏天都在街头、政府办公大楼外和机场举行示威游行,现在他们用行动驳斥了政府不切实际的断言,政府认为他们一旦返校,困扰这座城市达数月之久的亲民主抗议活动将会结束。
        “The government thinks it can quell the movement when students return to school, because we can only come out during the summer,” said Owen Lo, 16, a high school student. “But that’s not true.”        “政府以为,学生返校时,它就可以平息抗议活动了,因为我们只能在夏天走出来,”16岁的高中生欧文·罗(Owen Lo)说。“但事实并非如此。”
        He said he was afraid of the repercussions he and other students might face but “seeing so many students selflessly gambling their future to express their demands to the government, it is infectious, and makes me want to come out and do something for Hong Kong.”        他说,他担心自己和其他学生可能面临的后果,但是,“看到这么多的学生为了向政府表达他们的诉求,无私地以自己的未来作赌注,这很有感染力,让我也想出来为香港做点什么。”
        Students who gathered at a plaza near the Central Business District were joined by thousands of workers holding a concurrent strike, exemplifying the multigenerational makeup of the protests.        有些学生聚集在中央商务区附近的一个广场上,数千名工人与他们站在一起,同时举行罢工,体现了抗议活动的参与者来自不同的年龄段。
        “Through these peaceful activities, many citizens are coming out to show their comrades on the front lines that public opinion has not turned against them,” said Peter Chui, a 24-year-old engineer.        “通过这些和平活动,许多公民正出来向在第一线的同志们显示,公众舆论并没有转向与他们作对,”24岁的工程师彼得·崔(Peter Chui)说。
        Hundreds of thousands of people have joined protests that began in June to oppose an unpopular bill that would have allowed Hong Kong residents to be extradited to mainland China for trial. As the summer unfolded, the protesters’ demands grew to include a call for universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into accusations of police brutality. The protests have also become more violent, as a core group of demonstrators — many of them high school and university students — have fought with the police and damaged symbols of Chinese authority.        成千上万的人参加了从6月开始的抗议活动,反对一项不得人心的法案,该法案将允许香港居民引渡到中国大陆受审。随着夏天的到来,抗议者的诉求越来越多,包括要求普选,以及对警察暴行的指控展开独立调查。抗议活动也变得更加暴力,因为核心示威者群体——其中许多是高中生和大学生——与警察发生冲突,他们还破坏了中国权威的象征物。
        Police officers attacked unarmed demonstrators inside a subway station on Saturday, and protesters on Sunday disrupted transit for thousands of travelers at Hong Kong’s international airport, the seventh-busiest in the world.        周六,警察在一个地铁站里攻击了手无寸铁的示威者。周日,抗议者扰乱了数千名旅客前往香港国际机场的交通。香港国际机场是全球第七繁忙的机场。
        Tensions on Monday, the first day of school for many students, ran high. Police officers monitored the student protests and riot police officers were deployed to subway stations — a sign of the fears that the weekend’s tumultuous protests would continue onto campuses. But the activism Monday morning remained peaceful.        周一是许多学生开学的第一天,气氛十分紧张。学生的抗议活动受到警察监视,防暴警察被部署到地铁站,表明了对周末的骚乱会继续蔓延到校园的担心。但周一上午的活动仍然是和平的。
        High school students around the territory protested in various ways across campuses, reflecting the diversity of the movement. They wore black shirts or eye patches to commemorate a first-aid volunteer who recently lost an eye to a projectile shot by the police. Others studied in the library or designated classrooms rather than participate in normal classes.        全港高中生在校园里以各种方式进行了抗议,反映了抗议活动的多样性。他们穿着黑色衬衫,或戴着眼罩,以表达对一名最近被警察射伤一只眼睛的急救志愿者的同情。其他人则在图书馆里或指定的教室里自习,而不是参加正常的课堂教学。 
        A group of secondary school students from St. Francis’ Canossian College, the alma mater of the city’s leader, Chief Executive Carrie Lam, carried signs and donned construction helmets or gas masks, gear typically saved for more violent protests. One sign read: “Chief Executive, will you listen to the voices of the younger sisters from your school?”        香港行政长官林郑月娥的母校、嘉诺撒圣方济各书院中学部的一群学生举着标语,戴着通常是为更暴力的抗议活动而准备的施工头盔或防毒面具,举行了游行。一个标语牌上写着:“特首,你愿意聆听师妹的声音吗?”
        Tens of thousands of students from schools and universities across the city crammed the central commons on the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to listen to speeches from professors, lawyers and student protesters.        数万名来自香港各地学校和大学的学生们挤在香港中文大学中心公地听教授、律师和学生抗议者演讲。
        Education and government officials said they were opposed to class boycotts in any form, saying in a letter to teachers that schools should remain politically neutral places.        教育官员和政府官员说,他们反对任何形式的罢课活动,并在一封致教师的信中表示,学校应该是保持政治中立的地方。
        “Schools are absolutely not places for presenting political views or demands,” Matthew Cheung, the city’s chief secretary, said at a news conference Monday.        “学校绝不是表达政治主张或诉求的地方,”香港政务司司长张建宗周一在记者会上说。
        Boycotts, he said, would disrupt normal classes, “extending the turmoil we see in society to the peaceful environments of school.” He added, “This holds no benefits for the mood of students as they study, or for the healthy growth of our next generation.”        他说,罢课将扰乱正常的学习机会,“将社会崩紧气氛延至校园,影响学生学习情绪,对我们的下一代的健康成长绝无好处。”
        When asked why police officers had showed up at high schools, the education secretary, Kevin Yeung, said protests held by “unknown people” outside schools could not be treated like boycotts on campuses.        当被问及为什么警察出现在中学门外时,教育局局长杨润雄说,“不知名人士”在校外举行的抗议活动不能与学校罢课相提并论。
        “The schools clarified that they did not call the police,” he said. “When people see police in a place with a lot of people, they want to maintain order and ensure public safety.” He said officers should not be seen as a threat.        “学校亦澄清了没有要求警察到场,”他说。“当看到警察在一个多人的场合出现,其实是希望维持治安,保障市民的安全。”他说,不应把警察的出现视为对人有危害性。
        Many striking students said they had exhausted other avenues of protests and that class boycotts were the most peaceful way of resistance. Some emphasized in a statement the principle of “boycotting classes but continuing to learn,” by more directly engaging in current affairs and in civic lessons.        许多参加罢课的学生表示,他们已经穷尽了其他抗议途径,而罢课是最和平的抵制方式。一些人在一份声明中强调,通过更直接地参与时事和公民课程,践行“罢课不罢学”的原则。
        “This is more important than school,” said Krystal Hung, a university student who planned to boycott classes in the short term. “I can catch up on studies on my own even if I’d skipped classes. And if I don’t come out this time, I may not have another chance in the future.”        “这比上课更重要,”大学生克莉斯托·洪(Krystal Hung)说,她打算参加短期的罢课。“即使我不去上课,我可以自己补上这些功课。如果我这次不走出来的话,以后可能就没有机会了。”
        Jessie Cheung, a 17-year-old high school student, said she felt drained after splitting her summer between attending protests and studying for college entrance exams. She has not skipped a single march since the movement began during her exams in June, she said.        17岁的高中生杰西·张(Jessie Cheung)说,她的整个夏天都花在参加抗议活动和准备大学入学考试上了,她现在感到筋疲力尽。她说,自从抗议活动在今年6月的考试期间开始以来,她没有错过一次游行。
        “It all adds up. I’m getting more tired and with the start of school, there will be more things to worry about,” she said. “On the one hand, I have to care about my grades, and on the other, I need to perform my civic duty.”        “这些都累积起来,让我感到越来越累,随着学校的开学,会有更多的事情需要担心,”她说。“一方面,我必须关心我的成绩,另一方面,我需要履行我的公民责任。”
        The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, which has a history of supporting pro-democracy protests, said in a statement that while its members believed that undergraduates had the maturity to decide whether to strike, the group would neither organize nor endorse high school class boycotts.        香港教育专业人员协会有支持民主抗议活动的历史,它在一份声明中表示,尽管其成员认为大学生已经足够成熟,可以自行决定是否罢课,但教协既不会组织也不会支持高中罢课。
        Ip Kin-yuen, the vice-president of the union and a lawmaker who represents the education sector, said he encouraged schools to accommodate the wishes of high school students boycotting classes within schools.        教协副会长、代表教育界的立法会议员叶建源说,他鼓励学校在校园内为高中生罢课的愿望提供空间。
        Karen Yong, a 52-year-old teacher, said that she would follow the instructions of the school authorities but felt helpless after watching students protest all summer without achieving their goals.        52岁的教师卡伦·杨(Karen Yong)说,她会按照学校当局的指示去做,但看到学生们整个夏天都在进行抗议活动,但却没有达到目标,她感到很无助。
        “In this social climate, I don’t know what to tell my students. You could be very authentic, serious and engaged with society, but what happens to you could be quite tragic,” Ms. Yong said, referring to the arrests of protesters and prominent activists and lawmakers. “In the end, I may just have to tell them to get good test results, and find a good job and make good money — that’s all. Is that the point of education?”        “在这样的社会氛围下,我不知道该对我的学生说些什么。你可以非常真诚、严肃,参与社会,但对你发生的事情可能相当可悲,”杨女士说,她指的是抗议者、知名活动人士和立法者被逮捕的事情。“到头来,我也许只能告诉他们要考出好成绩,找份好工作,赚到大钱——就这些。这就是教育的意义吗?”
        Joshua Wong, a prominent 22-year-old activist whose activism as a secondary student played a prominent role in citywide protests, said that class boycotts represented the most peaceful forms of resistance against Beijing.        22岁的知名活动人士黄之锋说,罢课代表了最和平的对抗北京的方式。黄之锋在念中学期间参加的活动,在香港的抗议运动中起了重要作用。
        ”When we can’t see the future of our society, how can we see our personal future and our personal career?” he said in a phone interview. The class boycotts were not the “starting point and not the end point” of the protest movement, he added. “It just shows how our momentum keeps going forward.”        “当我们看不到我们社会的未来时,我们怎么能看到我们个人的未来和个人的事业呢?”他在接受电话采访时说。罢课不是抗议运动的“起点,也不是终点”,他补充说。“罢课只是表明我们运动的势头会如何继续向前发展。”

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