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Solomon Islands Weighs Cutting Ties to Taiwan

来源:纽约时报    2019-09-06 02:06

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        TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Solomon Islands is said to be considering breaking diplomatic relations with Taiwan in order to establish formal ties with China, a move that comes as American officials accuse Beijing of destabilizing the Pacific as its influence in the region grows.        台湾台北——所罗门群岛据信正在考虑与台湾断绝外交关系,以便与中国正式建交。与此同时,随着北京在太平洋地区影响力的上升,美国官员谴责它破坏该地区的稳定。
        Such a decision, if formally approved, would leave only 16 countries that officially recognize Taiwan’s government. The Communist government in China, which claims Taiwan as its territory despite never having ruled it, says the self-governing island has no right to official diplomatic ties.        这一决定如正式通过,正式承认台湾政府的国家就只剩下16个。中国的共产党政府虽从未统治过台湾,但声称台湾是其领土,还称这个自治岛屿无权建立正式外交关系。
        On Wednesday, a Solomon Islands lawmaker, Peter Shanel Agovaka, informed a parliamentary committee of the plan to end the country’s relations with Taiwan. “It’s time that we should move on with our life,” Mr. Agovaka said, according to a recording of the meeting that was published by Reuters on Thursday.        周三,所罗门群岛的议员彼得·沙内尔·阿戈瓦卡(Peter Shanel Agovaka)向议会的一个委员会通报了与台湾断交的计划。根据路透社周四公开的一份会议记录,阿戈瓦卡说,“是时候继续我们的生活了。”
        The South Pacific has been a bulwark for Taiwan, with six countries in the region maintaining diplomatic relations with Taipei. The economic pull of Beijing, however, is strong. China is by far the largest buyer of Solomon Islands exports, and it has offered the island nation millions of dollars to help it move away from Taiwan.        南太平洋一直是台湾的一道屏障,该地区有6个国家与台湾保持着外交关系。然而,北京的经济吸引力却很大。中国是迄今为止所罗门出口产品的最大买家,并向这个岛国提供了数百万美元,促使其远离台湾。
        The United States, which is locked in a trade war with China, has pushed back against Beijing’s sweeping ambitions in increasingly harsh tones in recent weeks. Last month, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper said China was destabilizing the Indo-Pacific region through “predatory economics” and military expansionism.        深陷与中国贸易战的美国,在近几周以越来越严厉的语气反击北京的全面野心。上个月,美国国防部长马克·埃斯珀(Mark T. Esper)表示,中国正通过“掠夺式经济”和军事扩张,破坏印度—太平洋地区的稳定。
        The potential diplomatic switch by the Solomon Islands comes at a sensitive moment in the tricky relationship among Beijing, Taipei and Washington. While Taiwan does what it can to retain official ties with the few small countries that still recognize its government, its unofficial allies — especially the United States — are vastly more important.        所罗门群岛这一潜在的外交转变正值北京、台北和华盛顿之间微妙关系的敏感时刻。虽然台湾竭力与少数几个仍然承认其政府的小国保持着正式关系,但它的非正式盟友——特别是美国——却重要的多。
        The United States has been the guarantor of Taiwan’s security for the past seven decades, and it is bound by law to provide the island with the means to defend itself. In recent months, the Trump administration has approved two possible large arms sales: a $2 billion package that includes Abrams M1A2 tanks, and an $8 billion package that includes up to 66 F-16V fighter jets.        过去70年里,美国一直是台湾安全的保障者,并依据法律义务为该岛提供自卫手段。近几个月来,特朗普政府批准了两项可能的大规模军售:包括M1A2艾布兰(Abrams) 坦克在内的一项20亿美元军售,以及包括66架F-16V战机在内的80亿美元军售。
        The Chinese government, already at odds with the United States over the deepening trade war, protested both moves.        在不断加剧的贸易战议题上已经与美国发生龃龉的中国,对两项军售均表示了抗议。
        Beijing’s moves to limit Taiwan’s international presence and intimidate it with military exercises have prompted the Trump administration to show much more public support for Taipei than the Obama or Bush administrations did. Pro-Taiwan legislation, increasingly regular arms sales, and statements and visits by Democratic and Republican officials have highlighted American support for Taiwan’s sovereignty.        北京打压台湾的国际空间,并以军事演习威慑台湾的举动促使特朗普政府比奥巴马或布什政府对台湾做出更多的公开支持。制订亲台立法、军售的日益常态化,以及民主共和两党官员的声明和访问,都突显了美国对台湾主权的支持。
        The Taiwan president, Tsai Ing-wen, has worked since taking office in 2016 to improve relations with Washington. Ms. Tsai, who is facing re-election in January, visited New York in July en route to meet with Taiwan’s diplomatic allies in the Caribbean.        台湾总统蔡英文自2016年上任以来,一直致力于加强与华盛顿的关系。明年1月份,她将面临换届选举。7月,她访问台湾在加勒比海的外交盟友途中,曾过境纽约。
        Like other countries that have formal diplomatic ties with China, the United States does not officially recognize Taiwan’s government. But it has an informal presence in Taipei: a heavily fortified $250 million compound that opened in 2018.        和其他与中国有正式外交关系的国家一样,美国对台湾政府不予以正式承认。但美国在台北有非正式的存在:2018年落成的耗资2.5亿美元、戒备森严的办事处新址。
        Ms. Tsai’s opponent in the coming election, Han Kuo-yu of the Kuomintang, is pushing for a closer relationship with China. Earlier this year, he met with the officials in charge of administering the “one country, two systems” arrangement used in Hong Kong since the former British colony returned to Chinese control in 1997.        蔡英文在即将到来的大选的对手、国民党的韩国瑜在推动与中国建立更密切的关系。今年早些时候,他曾与负责“一国两制”安排的官员会面,香港这个前英国殖民地自1997年回归中国后一直采用的是这个制度。
        Mr. Han’s popularity has been steadily fading during the weeks of protests against Hong Kong’s government, which many Hong Kongers dismiss as a puppet of the central government in Beijing.        在数周来针对香港政府的抗议活动中,韩国瑜的支持率一直在稳步下降。很多香港人认为香港政府就是北京中央政府的傀儡。
        Once formalized, the diplomatic break with the Solomon Islands could be used by Mr. Han to attack Ms. Tsai’s ability to maintain official diplomatic allies. But the impact is likely to be minimal given her success in improving unofficial ties with larger partners like Japan, the European Union, Australia and the United States.        一旦与所罗门群岛的外交关系正式破裂,韩国瑜可能会用这个机会来攻击蔡英文同盟友保持正式外交关系的能力。但鉴于她成功加强了与日本、欧盟、澳大利亚和美国这类大国伙伴的非正式关系,这种影响可能微乎其微。
        “The Kuomintang will try to use the loss of another diplomatic partner as evidence that Tsai’s policies are harmful to Taiwan’s interests,” said Bonnie Glaser, director of the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “It’s hard to say whether this will resonate with voters, however, especially with so much sympathy in Taiwan toward the Hong Kong protesters.”        “国民党将设法利用失去另一外交伙伴的情况,证明蔡英文的政策有损台湾利益,”华盛顿战略与国际研究中心中国力量项目主任葛来仪(Bonnie Glaser)说。“不过这是否会引起选民的共鸣很难讲,特别是台湾对香港抗议者有如此多的同情。”

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