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She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog.

来源:纽约时报    2019-09-26 05:55

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        After a late night at a stock-car race, Carole and Verne King returned to their dog-friendly hotel in Kalispell, Mont., and made a devastating discovery.        看完一场改装车比赛,卡罗尔和沃恩·金(Carole and Verne King)在深夜回到他们下榻的蒙大尼州卡利斯佩尔一家允许携狗入住的旅馆。他们发现了一件非常可怕的事。
        Their 7-year-old Border collie, Katie, was no longer in the room. She had apparently managed to unlatch the door, possibly spooked by a thunderstorm that had swept through the area. At the front desk, an attendant said she had seen an anxious dog bolt out the front door hours before.        他们7岁的边境牧羊犬凯蒂(Katie)不在房间里。显然,她设法打开了门锁,可能是被席卷该地区的雷雨吓坏了。在前台,一位服务员说她几个小时前看到一只狗不安地冲出前门。
        The Kings were stunned. In the small city of 23,000 people that backs up to the sprawling wilderness near Glacier National Park, surrounded by forests and fields, where would they even start looking?        金夫妇惊呆了。这座2.3万人口的小城坐落在冰川国家公园附近,周围是森林和田野,他们该上哪去找她?
        Over the next 57 days, the couple set out on a desperate search that included night-vision goggles, animal-tracking cameras and horse manure brought in from the family’s farm in Eastern Washington. Ms. King, a postal carrier, quit her job.        接下来的57天里,这对夫妇不顾一切地搜寻,动用了夜视仪、追踪动物的摄像机,以及从他们位于华盛顿东部的农场运来的马粪。卡罗尔·金是邮递员,她辞掉了工作。
        “Every night going to bed, it was gut-wrenching,” said Mr. King. “Is she warm? Did she get to eat today? It tore us up.”        “每天晚上睡觉时都难过极了,”沃恩·金说。“她会挨冻吗?她今天吃东西了吗?我们痛苦万分。”
        ‘Like a Crime Scene’        “像犯罪现场一样”
        After the initial discovery, the Kings spent the night frantically searching nearby neighborhoods, where alfalfa farms and homes and new shopping centers collide in northern Kalispell.        刚发现狗走失后,金夫妇整晚疯狂地搜索周边地区,那里是卡利斯佩尔北部,是紫花苜蓿农场、住宅和新建购物中心的交界之地。
        They were out until about 4 a.m., the Kings said, but saw no sign of the dog. The front-desk attendant asked them to send some photos, and together they began making and distributing fliers around the area.        他们外出搜寻到凌晨4点左右。金夫妇说,但是他们没有看到狗的影子。前台服务员让他们发送一些照片,然后他们一起制作传单,在那一带分发。
        Hundreds of them were posted on light poles and community mailboxes, and handed out through door-to-door canvassing and at local sports events. They posted Katie’s photo on Facebook pages and lost-pet internet networks. Strangers joined them in walking the neighborhoods in search of Katie.        数以百计的传单张贴在路灯杆和社区邮箱上,并通过挨家挨户递送和当地体育活动分发出去。他们还将凯蒂的照片发布在Facebook页面和宠物丢失网站上。陌生人和他们一起步行在那一带寻找凯蒂。
        As former law-enforcement officers from Los Angeles, the Kings knew to look through abandoned buildings. They examined the dirt in alfalfa fields, looking for tracks or dog droppings. They considered the possibility that Katie had been struck by a car on the highway, but without any evidence, they pressed on.        金夫妇曾是洛杉矶的执法官员,他们知道要查看废弃的建筑。他们检查了紫花苜蓿地里的泥土,寻找踪迹或狗的粪便。他们考虑了凯蒂在高速公路上被车撞的可能性,但没有任何证据,他们继续搜索。
        “You think of it like a crime scene,” Mr. King said.        “你就把这当成犯罪现场,”金说。
        Traps and Scents        陷阱和气味
        After a couple weeks of searching, the Kings decided to try some more extreme measures. They ordered two game cameras, the kind used by wildlife researchers, that could record video when an animal passed. They ordered animal traps, hoping that food — like the cheese sticks Katie preferred — would coax her into a cage.        经过几周的寻找,金夫妇决定尝试一些更极端的措施。他们订购了两台野生动物研究人员使用的摄像机,可以在动物经过时拍下画面。他们订购了动物陷阱,希望凯蒂喜欢的奶酪棒这类食物能把她哄进笼子。
        Ms. King also began going jogging and biking around the neighborhoods, hoping that her sweat could signal the dog that her family was near. They left used T-shirts at strategic locations, as well as Katie’s blanket and dog bowl.        卡罗尔·金还开始在附近慢跑和骑自行车,希望她的汗水能向狗发出信号,让她感觉家就在附近。他们把用过的T恤、凯蒂的毯子和狗碗放在精心选择的地方。
        “I don’t think there’s any street we haven’t been on in that area,” Ms. King said.        “我觉得我们走遍了那个地区的所有街道,”卡罗尔·金说。
        The couple later brought in hair shavings and a couple of buckets of manure from their horses back home and, with approval from local farmers, spread it near traps and other possible locations.        后来,两夫妇从他们家里带来了马毛和几桶马粪,征得当地农民同意后撒在陷阱和其他可能的地方。
        Later, after hearing speculation that Katie might be on the move at night time, the couple acquired night-vision goggles and spent hours out in the cold, hoping to catch a glimpse of Katie traversing a field.        再后来,他们听到有人推测凯蒂会选择在夜间出来,于是带上夜视镜,在寒冷的户外待几个小时,希望能看到凯蒂穿过田野。
        But they saw no activity. The camera footage showed no sign of their dog. The traps? They caught a magpie, a cat and four skunks.        但他们没有看到任何活动。摄像机镜头没有显示他们的狗的踪迹。陷阱?他们抓到了一只喜鹊,一只猫和四只臭鼬。
        Possible Sightings        可能的目击
        Tips, however, were coming in. As people reported possible sightings, the Kings scrambled to follow up.        但不断有人发来消息。听到目击报告后,金夫妇便急忙跟进。
        On one occasion, they drove 15 miles to Columbia Falls on a tip, even though it seemed far-fetched. Other times they would go to check even when the description of the dog didn’t sound quite right.        有一次,他们闻讯驱车15英里去哥伦比亚瀑布,尽管似乎有些不着边际。有时候即便所描述的狗听上去不太对,他们也会去查证。
        “In our heart, I would always say, ‘If I didn’t follow up, what if that was her and we didn’t do anything?” Ms. King said.        “在我们心目中,我总是会说,‘如果我没去跟进,万一那是她,我们却没做什么怎么办?’”卡罗尔·金说。
        Sometimes it would turn out be a different dog. On one occasion, while they were talking to a landowner at a farm, a woman came up to them and said she had just seen their dog cross the road and run into a canola field. The Kings set off running, calling for Katie.        有时候结果会是另一只狗。一次,他们在农场和一个地主交谈的时候,一个女人走上前来,说她刚看到他们的狗穿过马路,向一片油菜花田跑去了。金夫妇开始奔跑,一边呼喊着凯蒂的名字。
        They didn’t find her.        他们没找到她。
        Quitting Her Job        辞掉工作
        Ms. King was still working as a postal carrier back in the Spokane area. For a week in August, she had to return home while her husband continued the search.        卡罗尔·金当时仍在斯波坎一带做邮递员。八月她回去了一周,留下丈夫继续搜寻。
        She talked with her bosses about taking some time off. But that wasn’t feasible during summer months. Though the money had helped supplement their pensions, she gave her notice.        她跟老板提了休一段假。但夏季的几个月这不可行。虽然工资能补贴他们的养老金,她还是递了辞呈。
        “Katie was just more important to me,” Ms. King said. “I just said, ‘I’ll finish this week, and that’s it.’”        “凯蒂对我还是更重要,”卡罗尔·金说。“我径直说,‘我会干完这周,然后就不干了。’”
        When she returned to Kalispell, Mr. King had to return to Spokane. He left a note written for Katie.        回到卡利斯佩尔时,沃恩·金得回斯波坎。她给凯蒂留了张便条。
        “I am going home to care for your brothers and sister,” Mr. King said, referring to their two other dogs and a cat. “Instead of saying good bye, I would rather say, ‘See you soon.’”        “我要回家照顾你的兄弟姐妹们,”沃恩·金说,他指的是他家另外两只狗和一只猫。“比起说告别,我宁愿说,‘早日再相见。’”
        Losing Hope        失去希望
        A month and a half into the search, the Kings still felt hopeful. There was no sign of Katie, but also no evidence that she was dead.        找了一个半月,金夫妇仍觉得有希望。虽然没有找到凯蒂的迹象,但也没有证据表明她已死亡。
        By the second week of September, though, Ms. King said she was growing demoralized. She was crying and starting to wonder if the dog would never be found.        不过卡罗尔·金表示,到9月第二周,她越来越没信心了。她开始哭,开始想到底能不能找到这只狗。
        “I wasn’t ready to go, but I was thinking, What else can I do?” Ms. King said.        “我没准备离开,但在想,我还能做些什么?”卡罗尔·金说。
        Missing her house and their other animals, she was planning to return home, about 250 miles away, to spend the weekend. But her husband persuaded her to stay, suggesting one more week. Some of her new friends in Kalispell also encouraged her to persist.        她想念家里的房子和其他动物,打算回250英里外的家过周末。但丈夫劝她留下,建议再多待一周。卡利斯佩尔一些新认识的朋友也鼓励她再坚持一下。
        One person had opened their home for the Kings to stay in the area. More than a dozen others committed hours to helping them search. Landowners had welcomed them onto their sprawling properties to look.        有人邀请他们去他家住。还有十几个人承诺花时间帮他们寻找。业主们允许他们在自己广阔的土地上搜寻。
        “We can’t believe that community up there,” Mr. King said. Ms. King added, “I got out of it sheer kindness from people — from a stranger to a stranger.”        “那边的左邻右舍让我们难以置信,”卡罗尔·金说。她接着说,“我感受到的是人们单纯的善良——一个接一个的陌生人。”
        ‘I Got Her’        “我找到她了”
        On the morning of Sept. 15, Ms. King got another tip, this time from someone in a subdivision near the hotel. The resident said he was looking out the window and was confident that Katie was in his backyard.        9月15日上午,卡罗尔·金又得到一条消息,这次来自旅馆附近的一个分区。这个居民说,他朝窗外看了下,确信凯蒂在他的后院。
        Ms. King and a friend rushed over. But by the time they got there, whatever he had seen was gone. They walked through the fields nearby, searching with binoculars.        卡罗尔·金和一个朋友赶忙过去。但待他们赶到时,什么也没看到。他们穿过附近的田地,用双筒望远镜搜寻着。
        They encountered a couple out for a walk, told them about their search, and the woman pointed to a dog under a nearby tree.        他们撞见一对夫妇外出散步,跟他们说了他们在找狗,女人指了指附近一棵树下的一只狗。
        It was a Border collie. They began calling Katie’s name. The dog was cautious, wary. Others in the group went silent as Ms. King called out to the dog. Katie came running at full speed and leapt into Ms. King’s arms.        那是只边境牧羊犬。他们开始呼唤凯蒂的名字。狗很戒备。众人安静下来,听凯蒂喊那只狗的名字。凯蒂全速跑来,扑到卡罗尔·金的怀里。
        “All I could think about was, ‘I’m done. I got her,’” Ms. King said. “I was crying, I was holding onto her, wrapped her up in a bear hug. I couldn’t get her in the car fast enough to close her in so I wouldn’t lose her again.”        “我脑中全是,‘我做到了。我找到她了,’”卡罗尔·金说。“我哭着,抓住她,把她紧紧揽入怀中。我迫不及待地想把她放到车里,这样我就不会再失去她了。”
        Katie immediately fell asleep on the front seat of the car. She was dirty, dehydrated and had lost 15 pounds. They took her to an emergency vet, who shed tears upon learning that this was Katie, the dog so much of Kalispell had worked to find.        凯蒂很快在车前座上睡着了。她很脏,已经虚脱,瘦了15磅。他们把她带到急救兽医那里,大夫得知那是凯蒂时感动得掉下了眼泪——这就是那只卡利斯佩尔这么多人努力寻找的狗。

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