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加州山火肆虐 好莱坞明星纷纷撤离
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Phillippe forced to evacuate as California fires rage

来源:中国日报    2019-10-29 13:26

        Celebrities are among the hundreds of thousands evacuating their homes in California due to wildfires.        肆虐的加州山火正迫使数十万人撤离他们的家园,其中不乏一些名人。
        In addition to Sonoma County's Kincade Fire, a brush fire near Los Angeles' Getty Center forced 10,000 homes and businesses to evacuate.        除了索诺玛县的金卡德发生大火外,洛杉矶盖蒂中心附近的一场森林大火迫使1万户家庭和企业疏散。
        Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state's governor from 2003 to 2011, shared on Twitter that he evacuated at 3:30 am.        曾在2003年至2011年担任加州州长的阿诺德·施瓦辛格发推文说,他在当天凌晨3点半撤离。
        "If you are in an evacuation zone, don’t screw around. Get out," he directed. "Right now I am grateful for the best firefighters in the world, the true action heroes who charge into the danger to protect their fellow Californians. #GettyFire"        他用命令的口吻说:“如果你们的家也位于疏散范围内,不要胡闹,尽快离开。现在我非常感激世界上最好的消防员,他们是真正的动作片英雄,冒着危险保护加州同胞。#盖蒂中心大火
        His ex, journalist and author Maria Shriver, also shared that she had fled her home.        他的前妻、记者兼作家玛丽亚•施莱沃也在当天发推表示,她已从家中安全撤离。
        "So grateful to our firefighters putting their lives on the line for all of us," her tweet read. "We have evacuated, but we’re safe. Praying for our neighbors."        她在推特上写道:“非常感谢冒着生命危险为我们灭火的消防员。我们已经撤离,但我们很安全。为我们的邻居祈祷。”
        Kristin Davis shared a startling photo with flames and an orange sky.        克里斯汀·戴维斯分享了一张烈焰染红天际的照片,令人震惊。
        "This is what we woke up too (sic). We are safe- children and dogs," the actress wrote. "Thank you @LAFDwest and please everyone leave if you are in (evacuation) area. Stay safe."        这位女演员在推特上写道:“我们一觉醒来,外面已经烧成了这样。我们很安全,包括孩子和狗。谢谢@LAFDwest,如果你在疏散区,请离开。保持安全。”
        Responding to LeBron James' revelation that he had to evacuate and was having "no luck" looking for a place to stay, Ryan Phillippe replied "same."        当勒布朗·詹姆斯透露他不得不疏散,而且“运气不好”找不到地方住时,瑞恩·菲利普回应说:“我也是。”
        The "Today" show reported NBC's Natalie Morales was forced to leave her home. Morales shared a snap of the scene with Twitter followers, the "View from the porch of our LA home."        据《今日秀》报道,美国全国广播公司的娜塔莉·莫拉莱斯被迫离开了家。莫拉莱斯与推特上的粉丝分享了一张照片,“从我们洛杉矶家的门廊上看到的景象”。
        The "Terminator: Dark Fate" premiere planned for Hollywood Monday night, featuring the fire-evacuated star Schwarzenegger, was cancelled due to "ongoing, active fires being battled in the area," according to a release from Paramount Studios.        派拉蒙影业公司发布消息称,原定于周一(10月28日)晚上在好莱坞举行的《终结者:黑暗命运》首映式因“该地区仍在发生火灾”而取消。因大火被迫疏散的施瓦辛格出演了这部影片。
        Food from the planned after-party was donated to the Red Cross.        原计划于首映式后举行的庆祝酒会的食物被捐献给红十字会。
        Other celebrities extended their thoughts to those affected by the fire.        其他名人也表达了对火灾受害者的关心。
        "All my friends in LA, I love you, stay safe, please leave with your pets if you are told you need to," posted Busy Philipps.        贝茜·菲利普斯发贴说:“我在洛杉矶的所有的朋友们,我爱你们,注意安全,如果有人告诉你们需要离开,请带着你们的宠物离开。”
        Kirstie Alley called the scene "devastating."        柯尔斯蒂·艾利称这是“毁灭性的”一幕。
        "I hope no one gets harmed. We gotta find a way to prevent these," she wrote. "I hope we can."        她写道:“我希望没有人受到伤害。我们必须想办法来防止这样的灾难。希望我们能做到。”
        Ava DuVernay wished "Blessings and safety to all those touched in any way by the fires in my beloved home state of California. Stay safe, folks. Be prepared and take precautions."        艾娃·德约列祝愿“在我深爱的家乡加利福尼亚州,祝福所有受到火灾影响的人们,希望你们都安全。朋友们,请时刻保持安全。做好准备并采取预防措施。”
        "Tonight I am thinking of all those displaced in California and the valiant firefighters holding the line against raging infernos," Dan Rather posted Sunday night. "To all in danger, heed warnings to evacuate. And know the rest of the country stands with you ready to help."        丹·拉瑟在上周日晚发布推文说:“今晚,我想到了那些流离失所的加州人,想到了那些勇敢的消防员,他们坚守阵地,与熊熊烈火抗争。所有处于危险中的人,注意撤离警告。你们要知道,美国其他地方的人们都在支持你们,随时准备提供帮助。”

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