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来源:中国日报    2019-10-27 09:00

        If you are homealone, or live alone, and somebody comes to the door, shout out "I got it" so that it seems like someone else is there with you and you are not alone.        如果你一个人在家,或者独居,有人敲门的话,你可以大喊一声“我去开!”,这样就会显得家里还有其他人,你不是一个人。
        1  Give your apartment a safety check        给住处来个安全排查
        It's a good idea to give your apartment a once-over for safety concerns — ideally before you even move in. Complete this safety checklist.        搬进去之前最好给你的住处来一次全面安全隐患排查,并完成这份排查清单。
        ①        Are any of your valuables visible from the street?
        ②        Are your doors made of either solid wood or metal clad?
        ③        Can you see who's at the door without opening it?
        ④        Do you have all your mail held at the post office when you travel?
        ⑤        Do you shred documents with personal information before disposing them?
        ⑥        Have all your doors been rekeyed since you moved in?
        2  Become BFFs with your neighbors        和邻居成为亲密朋友
        If you're introverted, then you'd probably prefer anything else to chatting with neighbors. But make an effort to be friendly, if only for safety's sake.        如果你很内向,你可能会尽量不跟邻居打交道。但是最好还是表现得友好一点,就当是为了安全考虑。
        In one way or another, your neighbors may be your best asset in times of trouble and they'll be more willing to lend a hand to a friend than they are to help out a stranger.        某种程度上来说,邻居会在你身陷麻烦的时候帮上大忙。比起帮一个陌生人,他们肯定更愿意帮朋友。
        3  Don't fumble for your keys        别在门口找钥匙
        The last thing you want to do is approach your front door and then spend five minutes fumbling for your keys.        绝对不要在门口花上5分钟找钥匙。
        This is especially true if your neighborhood isn't the safest or the entry is poorly lit. Have your keys ready as you walk up, and get yourself inside smoothly and swiftly.        如果你住的地区不太安全或者单元楼道很昏暗的话,更加不要这样做。上楼前就准备好钥匙,打开房门之后快点溜进去。
        4  Always throw parties        经常叫朋友来聚会
        Burglars are less likely to target busy homes. So yes, this can be your excuse to throw a party.        窃贼不太会把人多的房子选作目标。所以说,威慑歹人也可以成为你在家轰趴的理由。
        Having people over can make your home seem like there are more people living in it. It'll also show would-be intruders that a lot of friends have got your back.        叫朋友到家里来玩会显得你家有很多人住的样子。这也可以让入室窃贼明白,你有很多朋友保护你。
        5  Have an emergency exit plan        准备一个紧急逃生方案
        Create an exit strategy for worst case scenarios, such as fires or breakins.        为最糟糕的状况准备一个紧急逃生方案,以防火灾或者歹人破门而入。
        Know where to escape to and at whose house you can stay safe and call the police. Having this plan tucked away will give you peace of mind and make handling such scary situations all the easier.        要知道往哪儿逃,去谁家比较安全,接着再报警。准备好这个紧急方案会让你放心不少,处理起紧急情况也会不慌不乱。
        6  Be smart about spare keys        管理好备用钥匙
        Burglars and other nefarious types know exactly where to check for spare keys.        入室窃贼或歹徒清楚地知道钥匙一般藏在哪儿。
        So don't think you're being clever by hiding them in the mailbox, or underneath a carpet. Instead, you're better off leaving them to a friend or trusted neighbor.        所以不要自作聪明了,把钥匙放在信箱里和地毯底下都是不可取的。最好是放在朋友那儿,或者信任的邻居那儿也可以。
        7  Always lock the door        永远都要记得锁门
        Lock your doors, every single time. Even if you're just popping out to the garbage dumpster, or only stepping inside to grab something you forgot.        每次离家,都要锁门!哪怕只是出去倒个垃圾,或者开门拿个忘了的东西,都一定要锁门。
        It may seem like overkill — especially if you live in a relatively safe district. But it only takes that one moment for someone to sneak in.        如果你住的地方比较安全,这么做听起来好像有点过头。但要知道,你一个不留神,歹徒就能溜进你家。
        8  Get a monitored home security system        装一套家庭监视设备
        A home security system is a great deterrent to would-be burglars. In fact, research conducted by a team from the University of North Carolina revealed that 84 percent of burglars said if they were confronted with a home security system, they would not attack the home.        入室窃贼很怕家庭安全监视设备。北卡罗来纳大学的一项研究显示,84%的入室窃贼表示如果家里有安全系统,他们就不会去那家盗窃。
        Even if you live in a low-crime area, you'll rest easier at night knowing your abode is protected by a monitored home security system.        就算你住在犯罪率较低的地区,有了家庭安全监控摄像,你晚上也能睡得更香。
        ——        不想让送餐员觉得自己要吃双人份。
        Notes        fumble /ˈfʌmbl/ v笨拙地摸找
        intruder /ɪnˈtruːdər/ n闯入者;入侵者        scenario /səˈnærioʊ/ n设想;方案;预测
        dumpster /ˈdʌmpstər/ n大垃圾桶        abode /əˈboʊd/ n住所;家

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