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Hong Kong’s Jarring Protests: Clashes Fade, Then Flare Up Again

来源:纽约时报    2019-11-01 11:26

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        On a sweltering afternoon in August, antigovernment protesters in gas masks and hard hats flooded a six-lane road, prompting riot police officers to fire tear gas. But life on that Hong Kong street continued after the clashes faded, even as the neighborhood became the focus of further unrest.
        Such contrasts have been common in Hong Kong since June, when large-scale protests set off the former British colony’s worst political crisis in decades.        自从今年6月的大规模抗议活动引发了这个英国前殖民地数十年来最严重的政治危机以来,这种反差在香港很常见。
        The ongoing demonstrations play out with a familiar cadence nearly every weekend: marches marred by violent moments between protesters and the police. Then the action is done, replaced by the usual rhythms of the neighborhoods until the chaos comes back.        持续的抗议活动几乎每个周末都以熟悉的节奏上演:游行被示威者与警察之间的暴力冲突搅乱。然后行动结束,社区的通常节奏重返,直到混乱再次出现。
        To show that dissonance, the photographer Lam Yik Fei returned this month to streets where he had documented mass rallies and street clashes in recent months — capturing moments from the exact same vantage points. His diptychs illustrate the jarring contrasts that residents of the Chinese territory now regularly experience.        为了展示这种不协调,摄影师林亦非本月回到他曾经记录近几个月来的大规模集会和街头冲突的地方,从完全相同的观察点捕捉瞬间。他的对比照展示了这个中国领土上的居民现在定期经历的强烈反差。
        First major protest        第一次大规模抗议活动
        Hundreds of thousands marched through some of Hong Kong’s main commercial districts like Wan Chai to express anger over contentious legislation, since scrapped, that would have allowed extraditions to the Chinese mainland. The demonstration on June 9 was effectively the start of this year’s protest movement, and among the largest demonstrations in the city’s history. Most days the neighborhood is a center of shopping and night life.        数十万人在湾仔等香港一些主要商业区游行,表达他们对一项有争议立法的愤怒。该立法允许将逃犯引渡到中国大陆,但后来被撤回。6月9日的这次示威活动事实上是今年抗议活动的开始,也是香港历史上规模最大的示威活动之一。大多数时候,这片社区是购物和夜生活的中心。
        Storming the legislature        攻占立法会
        When hundreds of thousands marched on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China in 1997 on July 1, a smaller group of activists broke into the local legislature, smashing glass walls and spray-painting slogans in its inner chamber.        当数十万人在7月1日的香港回归纪念日(香港于1997年回归中国)游行时,一小群活动人士闯进了香港立法会,打碎玻璃墙,并在会议厅里喷涂标语口号。
        On Oct. 16, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s embattled chief executive, tried to deliver her annual policy address in the inner chamber. But pro-democracy lawmakers heckled her out of the room.        10月16日,处境艰难的香港特区行政长官林郑月娥试图在香港立法会会议厅发表年度施政报告。但民主派议员的起哄使她离开了大厅。
        Chaos in a mall        购物中心发生混乱
        A peaceful rally on July 14 descended into clashes with the police at a shopping mall in northern Hong Kong. There have since been other sit-ins and protests at the same mall, including one in September in which protesters stomped on a Chinese flag and sprayed it with black paint.        7月14日,在香港北部某购物中心的一次和平集会逐渐变成了一场与警方的冲突。之后,这个购物中心还发生过其他静坐和抗议活动,包括9月份的一次,抗议者在那次活动中用脚踩踏中国国旗,并在上面喷黑漆。
        But the mall has mostly stayed open, even as tourism and shopping has fallen amid the protests in Hong Kong that now roil the city most weekends.        尽管香港的抗议活动已经导致旅游业和前来购物者数量下滑,这家购物中心大多数时候仍照常营业。现在香港差不多每个周末都发生抗议活动。
        Attack by a mob        暴徒袭击
        A mob of men in white T-shirts with sticks and metal bars on July 22 assaulted dozens of people, including journalists and a pro-democracy lawmaker, at a train station in Yuen Long, a district near Hong Kong’s border with mainland China. The attack raised questions about why nearby police officers, shown talking to the men that night in a park near the station, did not protect the victims.        7月22日,一群身穿白T恤、手持木棍和金属棒的暴徒在元朗一个火车站袭击了数十人,其中包括记者和一名民主派议员,元朗地区距离大陆的边境不远。这次袭击引发了人们的疑问,为什么附近的警察没有保护被袭者,那天晚上有人看到警察在火车站附近的公园里与白衣男子说话。
        Yuen Long clashes        元朗冲突
        Five days after the Yuen Long assaults, tens of thousands of protesters converged on the district. Riot police officers, some of whom are pictured, fired multiple rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowds. As sunset approached months later, a calm pervaded the working-class neighborhood.        元朗袭击事件发生五天后,数万名抗议者聚集到该地区。防暴警察(如图所示)为驱散人群发射了多枚催泪瓦斯。几个月后,这个工人阶层居住的社区在夕阳下一片平静。
        Tension at a bus stop         公交车站的紧张局面
        A police officer on July 30 aimed a shotgun at protesters during a clash in the Kwai Chung district, where residents usually catch the bus. The Hong Kong Police Force later said the weapon had been loaded with beanbag rounds, and that the officer drew it only after protesters attacked him.        7月30日,警方在葵涌区与抗议者发生了冲突,一名警察把枪口对准抗议者,该地点是居民经常赶公交车的地方。香港警方后来说,枪里装的是豆袋弹,该警员是在遭到抗议者攻击后才举枪的。
        The protest movement portrayed the officer, Sgt. Lau Chak-kei, as a villain. On the Chinese mainland, they called him a hero, and the central government invited him to a military parade in Beijing on China’s National Day.        举枪者是警长刘泽基,抗议活动将他描绘为恶棍。中国大陆则把他称为英雄,中央政府邀请他去观看了国庆节的阅兵式。
        Disrupting the subway        扰乱地铁
        Protesters accuse Hong Kong’s subway operator, the MTR Corporation, of being too close to the local government and police force. Sometimes they express their anger by blocking trains from running, as they did during a citywide general strike on Aug. 5. Despite the disruptions, the system still carries millions of passengers a day.        抗议者指责香港地铁运营商香港铁路有限公司(简称“港铁”)与当地政府和警方的关系过密。他们有时用阻止地铁运行来表达自己的愤怒,就像他们在8月5日的香港罢工、罢课、罢市行动中所做的那样。尽管受到干扰,港铁系统每天仍运送着数百万名乘客。
        Storming the airport        攻占机场
        In an effort to garner global attention, protesters occupied Hong Kong’s international airport on Aug. 12. A largely peaceful sit-in, it devolved into angry clashes late in the night. Authorities have since tightened security at the airport’s entrances.        为了吸引全球关注,抗议者于8月12日占领了香港国际机场。这场静坐活动基本上和平,只是在夜间演变成了一场愤怒的冲突。在那之后,当局在机场入口处加强了安全措施。
        Tsuen Wan clash        荃湾冲突
        Most weekends, a portion Hong Kong’s roads and highways are transformed into battlegrounds between protesters and the riot police, as was the case on Aug. 21 in this neighborhood, miles from the central business district. Most weekdays, a relative calm pervades the city.        在大多数周末,香港的部分道路和高速公路就会变成抗议者和防暴警察的战场,8月21日在这个离中央商务区几公里远的社区就发生了这种情况。在大多数工作日,香港处于相对平静之中。
        Tear gas in Mong Kok        旺角的催泪瓦斯
        The Hong Kong police have fired thousands of rounds of tear gas, as they did in the Mong Kong neighborhood on Sept. 6. They now regularly warn residents near street clashes to stay indoors and close their windows.        香港警方已经发射了数千枚催泪瓦斯,如他们9月6日在旺角社区所做的这样。警方现在经常警告发生街头冲突附近的居民不要出屋,并把窗户关上。
        Arson in Central        中环纵火案
        Hard-core demonstrators on the fringes of a peaceful rally set fire to an entrance to Central Station, a vital subway hub in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district.        在一次和平集会中,处于活动外围的硬核示威者在中环地铁站的一个入口纵火,该站是位于香港金融区中心地带的一个重要地铁枢纽。
        A flurry of arrests        一连串逮捕
        During widespread unrest in Hong Kong on Oct. 1, China’s National Day, the police arrested nearly 300 people across the semiautonomous territory, including a protester in the Wong Tai Sin district.        在10月1日中国国庆节当天,香港发生了大范围的骚乱,警方在这个半自治地区逮捕了近300人,其中包括黄大仙区的一名抗议者。
        A big rally        一次大型集会
        Protesters flooded the Central business district, usually full of buses and streetcars, to drum up support for a bill moving through the United States Congress.        抗议者为支持美国国会正在审议的一项法案而涌入中心商务区,这里通常都是公交车和有轨电车往来的地方。
        The legislation would, among other things, penalize officials in mainland China and Hong Kong who suppress freedoms in the territory. The United States House of Representatives passed the bill the next day, and the Senate is now considering a similar legislation.        该法案包括对压制香港自由的中国大陆和香港官员进行惩罚的条款。美国众议院在香港集会的第二天通过了这项法案,参议院目前正在考虑一项类似的立法。

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