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除了《冰雪奇缘2》 11月上映的这些电影也不容错过
6 films to watch in November

来源:中国日报    2019-11-04 09:00

        Frozen II        《冰雪奇缘2》
        Wreck-It Ralph aside, Disney never makes proper big-screen sequels to its cartoons. But Frozen was the highest grossing film of 2013 and, until The Lion King remake overtook it, it was the highest grossing animated film ever, so it’s hardly surprising that the studio made an exception in this case. To put it another way: they couldn’t let it go. The premise of Frozen II is that Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff leave Arendelle to seek the source of Elsa’s icy magic. Although the millions of children who loved the first film are older now, so they might give it a frosty reception.        除了《无敌破坏王》之外,迪士尼就没拍出过像样的电影续集。但是《冰雪奇缘》是2013年的票房冠军,在被翻拍版《狮子王》赶超之前,《冰雪奇缘》是有史以来票房最高的动画电影,所以迪士尼一反常态为其制作续集也就不足为奇了。换言之:迪士尼无法“随它去”。在《冰雪奇缘2》中,艾莎、安娜、雪宝和克里斯托弗离开阿伦戴尔王国去寻找艾莎冰魔法的源头。当年喜爱第一部《冰雪奇缘》的数百万孩童如今都长大了,不知道她们对新片的反应是否还能那么热情呢?
        Last Christmas        《去年圣诞》
        Queen, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles... they’ve all inspired nostalgic films in the last couple of years. And now it’s George Michael’s turn. A festive romantic comedy, Last Christmas stars Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as a Bridget Jones-y shop assistant whose life in London is a mess, and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) as the eligible bachelor who tidies it up. What’s any of that got to do with George Michael? That would be telling, but the film’s director, Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), and co-writer, Emma Thompson, promise that the connection is there. You just gotta have faith.        过去几年来,皇后乐队、艾尔顿·约翰、布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀、甲壳虫乐队等等都成了怀旧电影的灵感来源。现在轮到乔治·迈克尔了。在充满节日气氛的浪漫喜剧《去年圣诞》中,艾米莉亚·克拉克(《权力的游戏》中的龙母)饰演一位布里吉特·琼斯式的店员,她在伦敦的生活一团糟,亨利·戈尔丁(《摘金奇缘》男主角)饰演一位帮她解决麻烦的黄金单身汉。可是这些又和乔治·迈克尔有什么关系呢?这里不方便剧透,不过该片导演保罗·费格(执导过《伴娘》)和编剧之一艾玛·汤普森保证,两者之间确有关联。你只要相信就行了。
        A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood         《美丽的一天》
        Tom Hanks stars in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood as the only American celebrity more saintly than he is. As the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for more than 30 years, Fred Rogers was an icon of pre-school children’s television, and last year’s documentary about his uplifting life and work, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, was a box office smash. Now Marielle Heller (Can You Ever Forgive me?) directs a biopic in which a troubled journalist (Matthew Rhys) is assigned to interview him. BBC Culture’s Caryn James admires the “authentic heartfelt emotion”, and says that “Heller’s wise, sophisticated A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood turns out to be something rare – a warm-hearted film that even cynics can love”.        汤姆·汉克斯在《美丽的一天》中饰演的是比他本人还要伟大的唯一一位美国明星。弗雷德·罗杰斯是学前儿童电视节目的传奇人物,主持《罗杰斯先生的左邻右舍》长达30多年。去年讲述罗杰斯令人振奋的生活和工作的纪录片《与我为邻》取得了票房成功。在这部传记电影中,导演玛丽埃尔·海勒(曾执导《你能原谅我吗?》)安排了一位困惑的记者(马修·瑞斯饰演)去采访罗杰斯。BBC文化的卡琳·詹姆斯欣赏片中“发自内心的真实情感”,并表示“海勒的《美丽的一天》是一部罕见的暖心电影——即使是愤世嫉俗者也会爱上。”
        The Irishman        《爱尔兰人》
        It’s been a long wait, but Martin Scorsese has finally made another virtuosic gangster saga with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, the stars of Goodfellas and Casino. If that weren’t exciting enough, he’s invited along Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel, too. The Irishman is the true story of a mafia hitman (De Niro) who does the bidding of a quietly terrifying Philadelphia godfather (Joe Pesci) and a loud-mouthed union boss (Al Pacino). Opinions are divided on the digital de-ageing, but Linda Marric at HeyUGuys hails Scorsese’s three-and-half-hour masterpiece as “a beautifully precise, intricate and genuinely engaging story”.        尽管等了很久,但马丁·斯科塞斯终于又拍出了一部由罗伯特·德尼罗和乔·佩西(曾参演《好家伙》、《赌城风云》)出演的有收藏价值的黑帮传奇片。如果这还不够激动人心,他还邀请了阿尔·帕西诺和哈威·凯特尔来担任配角。《爱尔兰人》讲述了一个黑手党杀手(罗伯特·德尼罗饰演)的真实故事,他要听从一位不怒自威的费城教父(乔·佩西饰演)和一位大嗓门的工会领袖(阿尔·帕西诺饰演)的命令。对于这部电影的数字逆龄修复效果评论界意见不一,不过HeyUGuys网站的琳达·马瑞克称赞斯科塞斯的这部三个半小时的杰作是“精确完美、错综复杂、非常引人入胜的故事。”
        engaging[ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋ]: adj.         迷人的
        Charlie’s Angels        《霹雳娇娃》
        Hollywood action movies starring women are vanishingly rare. But Hollywood action movies starring women that are written and directed by women, too? Charlie’s Angels is one of the first. A reboot of the 1970s TV series, not to mention the two films from 2000 and 2003, the new version is masterminded by Elizabeth Banks, whose first feature film as a director was Pitch Perfect 2. She also plays Bosley, the intermediary between the mysterious Charles Townsend and the female detectives he pays to go on globe-trotting adventures. Charlie’s latest Angels are Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott, although they’ll struggle to outshine the trio who recorded the film’s theme song, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.        以女性为主角的好莱坞动作片少之又少。但是由女性编剧和导演并由女性主演的好莱坞动作片呢?《霹雳娇娃》就是其中的先驱。这部电影翻拍自20世纪70年代的电视剧以及2000年和2003年的两部电影。新版电影由伊丽莎白·班克斯导演,她执导的第一部剧情片是《完美音调2》。班克斯还在片中饰演博斯利——神秘的查尔斯·汤森德和受他雇佣开展全球探险的女侦探之间的中间人。查尔斯的最新一批霹雳娇娃是克里斯汀·斯图尔特、埃拉·巴林斯卡和娜奥米·斯科特,不过她们的光芒恐怕很难盖过为该片录制主题曲的歌手三人组合——爱莉安娜·格兰德、麦莉·赛勒斯和拉娜·德雷。
        vanishingly['vænɪʃɪŋlɪ]: adv.         难以察觉地;消遁似地;趋于零地
        La Belle Époque        《美好年代》
        Nicolas Bedos’s La Belle Époque is a cross between The Truman Show, Midnight in Paris, and Charlie Kaufman’s high-concept comedies – but it’s faster and funnier than any of them. Guillaume Canet plays the manager of an immersive theatre company; for the right price, he can organise a dinner that seems to be taking place in any historical period you like. Most clients opt to go back a century or two, but a jaded newspaper cartoonist (Daniel Auteuil) chooses to revisit the cafe where he met his wife (Fanny Ardant) in the early 1970s. Todd McCarthy at The Hollywood Reporter says that Bedos “pulls off the most thoroughly entertaining big-screen French farce in a very long time, one that’s both classical and modern”.        尼古拉·巴多斯的《美好年代》是《楚门的世界》、《午夜巴黎》和查理·考夫曼的高概念喜剧的混合物,但是比它们当中的任何一部都要更快节奏、更搞笑。吉约姆·卡内饰演一家沉浸式剧团的经理。只要价格合适,他可以组织一场以任何历史时期为背景的晚宴。大多数客户选择回到一两个世纪前,但是一名心灰意冷的报纸漫画家(丹尼尔·奥图饰演)选择回到他在20世纪70年代早期邂逅妻子(芬尼·阿尔丹饰演)的那家咖啡厅。《好莱坞记者报》的托德·麦卡锡表示,巴多斯“拍出了很长一段时间以来最具娱乐性的法国滑稽电影,既古典又现代。”
        jaded[ˈdʒeɪdɪd]: adj.         厌倦的;疲倦不堪的

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