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The 2019 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books

来源:纽约时报    2019-11-07 04:32

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        Since 1952, we’ve convened a rotating annual panel of three expert judges, who consider every illustrated children’s book published that year in the United States. In 2017, we began partnering with the New York Public Library to administer the honor now called The New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award.        自1952年以来,我们每年都会召集一个由三名专家组成的评审小组,对当年在美国出版的全部儿童绘本进行评审。2017年,我们开始与纽约公共图书馆(New York Public Library)合作,颁发现在名为“《纽约时报》/纽约公共图书馆最佳儿童绘本奖”(The New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award)的荣誉。
        The judges select the winners purely on the basis of artistic merit. On the 2019 panel were Bruce Handy, a journalist and critic and the author of “Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult”; Jessica Cline, supervising librarian in the Picture Collection of the New York Public Library; and Jillian Tamaki, the Book Review’s By the Book illustrator and a past winner of the award. She is the author and illustrator of several graphic novels and the picture book “They Say Blue.”        评委们完全根据艺术价值来挑选获奖者。2019年的评审团成员是记者兼评论家、《野东西——成年人阅读儿童文学的乐趣》(Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult)一书的作者布鲁斯·汉迪(Bruce Handy);纽约公共图书馆图片库负责人杰西卡·克莱因(Jessica Cline);还有《书评》(Book Review)的“By the Book”专栏插画师、本奖项往届获奖者玉城吉莉安(Jillian Tamaki)。她是几部漫画小说和绘本《他们说蓝色》(They Say Blue)的作者和插画师。
        Here you’ll find images from each winning book.        这里有所有获奖书籍的图片。
        Small in the City        《城里的小》(Small in the City)
        Sydney Smith knows that children are the ultimate observers. In “Small in the City,” he shows us how a young child navigates a city — it’s unmistakably Toronto — with deep knowledge of all its nooks and crannies. If we can find them and are lucky, there is shelter, kindness and hope. Smith renders an elegant urban winterscape precisely, yet with an astonishing looseness.        西德尼·史密斯(Sydney Smith)知道孩子是终极的观察者。在《城里的小》中,他向我们展示一个小孩子如何在城市里穿行——这座城市无疑是多伦多——他对城市的每个角落和缝隙都有着深刻的了解。如果我们能够找到,并且足够幸运,庇护、仁慈和希望总在那里。史密斯精确地呈现了一派优雅的城市冬景,但却极为轻松。
        — Jillian Tamaki        ——玉城吉莉安
        Neal Porter/Holiday House, $17.95; ages 4 to 8.
        Neal Porter/Holiday House,17.95美元;适合4岁至8岁儿童。
        Another        《另一个》(Another)
        In a world without words, Christian Robinson’s “Another” provides the perfect balance of color, shape and texture to take the protagonist and her cat companion on a determined and thoughtful voyage from her bed to a funhouse of possibility. The warmth of the color palette and her optimistic expression encourage young readers through a mysterious adventure to an alternate universe of light-filled passages, Escher-like stair climbing, and a contemplation of the explorer’s dual self. This is a science fiction picture book classic.        在一个没有语言的世界里,克里斯蒂安·鲁宾逊(Christian Robinson)的《另一个》提供了色彩、形状和质感的完美平衡,让主人公和她的猫伙伴做了一次坚决而计划周详的旅行,从她的床出发,去往一个充满可能性的游乐园。暖色调和她乐观的表情鼓励小读者展开神秘历险,进入另一个充满阳光的宇宙通道,爬上埃舍尔式的楼梯,思考探索者的双重自我。这是一本经典的科幻绘本。
        — Jessica Cline        ——杰西卡·克莱因
        Simon & Schuster, $17.99; ages 4 to 8.        Simon & Schuster,17.99美元;适合4岁至8岁儿童。
        The Lost Cousins        《迷失的表亲》(The Lost Cousins)
        All great picture books make you see the world in a new way, but B.B. Cronin’s “The Lost Cousins” really pushes the envelope. It’s a tour de force work of psychedelia for kids, playfully dense and almost radical in its juxtapositions of eye-popping fluorescent colors. Of course, seeing is very much the subject of this book, the fourth in Cronin’s Seek & Find series.        所有精彩的绘本都能让你以一种全新的方式来看待这个世界,但是B·B·克罗宁(B.B. Cronin)的《迷失的表亲》确实突破了界限。这是一部为孩子们打造的迷幻艺术杰作,有趣的是,它将令人瞠目的荧光色彩并置,既紧凑又激进。当然,“观看”是本书的主题,也是克罗宁的“寻找与发现”(Seek & Find)系列的第四部。
        Viking, $19.99; ages 3 to 7.        Viking,19.99美元; 适合3岁至7岁儿童。
        — Bruce Handy        ——布鲁斯·汉迪
        A Million Dots        《一百万个点》(A Million Dots)
        Sven Volker’s “A Million Dots” delighted us for its playful, clever and, frankly, kind of mind-blowing visual exploration of multiplication. Yes, as in math. This book is simple and graphic, but the overall effect is impressive — how quickly two (trees) begets 256 (freckles). Volker has created an approachable introduction to numeracy, but also rendered math beautiful and entrancing.        斯文·沃尔克(Sven Volker)的《一百万个点》 有趣、聪明,其实是对乘法的视觉探索,令人大开眼界,也非常令人愉悦。是的,就像数学一样。这本书既简单又生动,但整体效果令人印象深刻——两个(树)变成256个(斑点)的速度是多么快。沃尔克创作了一本平易近人的数学入门书,同时也让数学显得那样美丽迷人。
        — J.T.        ——玉城吉莉安
        Cicada, $18.95; ages 5 and up.        Cicada,18.95美元;适合5岁及以上儿童。
        Just Because        《只是因为》(Just Because)
        Isabelle Arsenault’s richly graphic illustrations for “Just Because” perfectly meld the fanciful and the literal — just the way a child’s imagination does, the judges felt. To paraphrase an old movie ad: After spending time with this beautifully designed book, you will believe that fish sing the blues and trees set their leaves on fire.        伊莎贝尔·阿森诺特(Isabelle Arsenault)为《只是因为》创作了大量插画,完美地融合了想象与文字——评委们觉得这正好符合孩子们的想象力机制。套用一句老电影广告:花时间阅读这本设计精美的图书之后,你会相信鱼儿唱起蓝调,树木点燃自己的树叶。
        — B.H.        ——布鲁斯·汉迪
        Candlewick, $17.99; ages 4 to 8.        烛芯出版社(Candlewick),17.99美元;适合4岁至8岁儿童。
        Child of Glass        《玻璃之子》(Child of Glass)
        Concept and form are mirrored in Beatrice Alemagna’s “Child of Glass,” as she uses both transparencies and traditional pages to tell the story of a fragile yet resilient girl. Alemagna’s layered and highly textured drawings create a powerful sense of fluidity between the interior and exterior worlds. To turn the pages of this book is to witness transformation in real time.        概念和形式在比阿特丽斯·阿莱马尼亚(Beatrice Alemagna)的《玻璃之子》中得到体现,她用明晰而传统的书页讲述了一个脆弱而坚韧的女孩的故事。阿莱马尼亚层次和质感丰富的绘画在内部和外部世界之间创造了强烈的流动感。翻看这本书即是在实时见证转变。
        — J.T.        ——玉城吉莉安
        Enchanted Lion, $18.95; ages 4 to 8.        Enchanted Lion,18.95美元;适合4岁至8岁儿童。
        The Farmer        《农夫》(The Farmer)
        Ximo Abadia has saturated the pages of “The Farmer” with color. Rows and dots of red slash against yellow, blue drips and fills, while water vessels mirror the village topography. The farmer’s red balloon pants and animal friends add playfulness to the seriousness of his task and the potency of the landscape. We chose this book for how hard work, brutal sun and the search for water are rendered through spare designs that boldly stretch across the pages, depicting and encouraging self-reliance and determination.        奇莫·阿巴蒂亚(Ximo Abadia)使《农夫》的书页充满了色彩。成行和点状的红色斜线比照黄色、蓝色的滴状图案和填充色,盛水容器则反映出村庄的地形。农夫的红色灯笼裤和动物朋友为他活计的严肃性和景观的力量增添了乐趣。我们选择这本书,是因为艰苦的劳动、残酷的阳光和寻找水源的情景如何通过大胆贯穿全书的简单设计展现出来,描绘并弘扬自立和坚韧的品质。
        — J.C.        ——杰西卡·克莱因
        Holiday House, $17.99; ages 3 to 6.        Holiday House,17.99美元;适合3岁至6岁儿童。
        The Boring Book        《好无聊啊好无聊》(The Boring Book)
        “The Boring Book” is anything but: Shinsuke Yoshitake uses a bold design sense and a deceptively simple drawing style to find wit in scenes supposedly showing lethargy, tedium and ennui. The judges were particularly taken with his Charles Schulz-like gift for droll visual pacing.        《好无聊啊好无聊》一点也不无聊:吉竹伸介(Shinsuke Yoshitake)用大胆的设计感和看似简单的绘画风格,在本应表现出慵懒、单调和无聊的场景中寻找智慧。评委们特别欣赏他在滑稽的视觉节奏上表现出的查尔斯·舒尔茨(Charles Schulz)式天赋。
        — B.H.        ——布鲁斯·汉迪
        Chronicle, $17.99; ages 4 to 8.        Chronicle,17.99美元;适合4岁至8岁儿童。
        Monkey on the Run        《奔跑的猴子》(Monkey on the Run)
        Warning, Leo Timmers’s “Monkey on the Run” may encourage bouncing and giggles — and thoughtful study, too. It is a playground of transportation that will satisfy the vehicle lover as well as the animal lover, as we race along with a little monkey who has jumped from his papa’s banana-shaped motorcycle to travel the parade ahead on the road. The judges were drawn to this book because the illustrations are both exciting and contemplative. The silly antics of the little monkey provide forward momentum, but the details in each illustration kept calling us back for a more thorough examination. The moose’s tongue is blue from licking gelato! The chicken has lost his steering wheel!        警告:利奥·蒂默尔斯(Leo Timmers)的《奔跑的猴子》可能会鼓励孩子蹦蹦跳跳、咯咯地笑——也会促进深思学习。这是一个交通游乐场,将满足汽车爱好者和动物爱好者,我们与一个小猴子一起比赛,他从他爸爸的香蕉形摩托车上跳下来,行走在游行队伍里。评委们被这本书吸引,是因为书中的插图既激动人心又发人深省。小猴子傻乎乎的姿态为我们提供了前进的动力,但每幅插图中的细节都在不断地召唤我们回头更深入地查看。驼鹿的舌头在舔冰淇淋后变成了蓝色!那只鸡失去了方向盘!
        — J.C.        ——杰西卡·克莱因
        Gecko, $17.99; ages 4 to 7.        Gecko,17.99美元;适合4岁至7岁儿童。
        I Miss My Grandpa        《爷爷,我想念你》(I Miss My Grandpa)
        Jin Xiaojing’s child protagonist tries to imagine her grandfather, whom she has never met, based on family resemblances. How do you capture a likeness of someone you’ve never seen? The jury thought the use of illustration in “I Miss My Grandpa” was particularly strong — a variety of visual styles are skillfully dispatched to deftly explore the idea of ancestry and absence. What makes us unique also binds us together.        金晓婧的小主人公试图根据家族相似性想象她从未见过的祖父。你如何捕捉一个你从未见过的人的肖像?评委们认为插画的运用在《爷爷,我想念你》中尤为有力——各种视觉风格得到妙用,灵巧地探索了先祖与缺席的概念。使我们与众不同的东西也将我们联系在一起。
        — J.T.        ——玉城吉莉安
        Little, Brown, $18.99; ages 4 to 8.        Little, Brown,18.99美元;适合4岁至8岁儿童。

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