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How to be productive if you have to work from home

来源:中国日报    2020-03-13 13:58

        Distinguish between work and home mode        区分工作模式和家庭模式
        One of the biggest perks about working from home - slowly moving from bed to the sofa five minutes before you start - can also be your biggest challenge, says Eyre-White.        埃尔-怀特说,上班前五分钟从床上慢慢挪到沙发上是在家办公最大的好处之一,也可能是最大的挑战。
        Don’t forget that you are there to work - so set yourself up the right way, get dressed and brush your teeth at the start of the day rather than sitting in your pyjamas for eight hours. “Switch from home to work mode,” she says, by having something you physically do to “flip the switch”.        别忘了你是在上班——所以要把自己收拾好,穿好衣服,起床后刷牙,而不是穿着睡衣坐上8个小时。她说:“从家庭模式切换到工作模式”的方法是做些事情来“触动转换开关”。
        “Maybe it’s walking round the block, making a special kind of tea, or lighting a candle at your desk. It doesn’t matter what it is but do it without fail to create a strong association in your mind,” she says.        她说:“绕着街区走一圈,泡一种特别的茶,或者在你的桌子上点一根蜡烛。做什么并不重要,但一定要在脑海中建立起一种强烈的联想。”
        Be realistic about what you can achieve        设定目标要现实一点
        “A wide, open day working from home can feel full of possibilities. 145 things on the to do list? No problem! Don’t fall into the trap of being over-ambitious,” says Eyre-White.        “在家办公时,开放的环境充满了各种可能性。145件待办事项?没问题!不要落入过于雄心壮志的陷阱”,埃尔-怀特说。
        Instead, she recommends being realistic and then possibly achieving more than you set out to; and feeling satisfied, rather than feeling disappointed you didn’t do everything.        相反,她建议要现实一点,这样你可能实现的目标比预先设定的要多,你会感到满足,而不是因为没有完成所有事项而感到失望。
        She suggests choosing three to five things to do and aim to get the majority done before lunch. “We all slow down in the mid-afternoon and having a lot of your list under your belt will give you the momentum to power through,” she recommends.        她建议选择三到五件事来做,并争取在午餐前完成大部分工作。她建议说:“我们都会在下午3点左右进入倦怠期,而已经完成了大部分事项会让你更加充满干劲。”
        Work in short bursts        把工作时间分隔开来
        In the office your day is broken up by everything from meetings to water-cooler chats, lunch breaks and even toilet breaks, but when you are sat at home on your own with no face-to-face interaction planned it can be easy to just work for long, unbroken periods.        在办公室里,你的一天被各种各样的事情打断,比如,会议到茶水间的闲聊,午餐休息,甚至是上厕所,但是当你独自坐在家里,没有面对面的交流计划时,你很容易长时间连续工作。
        “When we’re in the office our day is normally broken up with meetings. Although this can be frustrating, they divide the day up and create natural chunks of time,” explains Eyre-White. “ In contrast, a day at home can be very unstructured.”        埃尔-怀特解释说:“我们在办公室的时候,我们的一天通常都被会议分成几段。尽管这可能令人沮丧,但会议能把一天的时间分割开来,创造出自然分隔开的大块时间。相比之下,在家的一天可能会没有规划。”
        In order to be productive she recommends imposing structure on yourself. For example, working in 45-60 minute chunks of focused work followed by a short break. “This can be an effective way to break the day up and maintain your concentration levels,” she says.        为了提高工作效率,她建议把工作结构强加给自己。例如,集中精力工作45-60分钟,然后休息一小会儿。她说:“这是一种有效的把一天分隔开来的方法,可以让你工作时集中注意力。”
        Don’t forget to take breaks        别忘了休息
        It can be difficult to tear yourself away from your laptop if you’re worried people might think you’re slacking off, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks. “Just because you’re feeling comfy at home, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a proper break,”says Eyre-White.        在家工作时很难从电脑前抽身,因为你担心别人会以为你在偷懒,但这并不意味着你不应该休息。埃尔-怀特说:“在家感到舒适并不意味着你不需要适当的休息。”
        “Leave your desk for lunch and take advantage of being at home to walk the dog and blow the cobwebs away for half an hour in the afternoon. You’ll return feeling refreshed and more productive for the rest of the day.”        “离开你的办公桌去吃午饭,利用在家的时间去遛狗,在下午花半个小时打扫房间。接下来的时间,你会感觉神清气爽,更有效率。”
        This also includes making sure you make time to make proper meals and drink water regularly, rather than snacking continuously throughout the day and then crashing in a sugar slump at 3pm.        还要确保你有时间做可口的饭菜,并且经常喝水,而不是整天不停地吃零食,然后在下午3点突然低血糖。
        Manage distractions        避免干扰
        Being in an office gives us a limited number of ways to get distracted but when you start working in a new environment (especially a very familiar one) it can be easy to let yourself get distracted.        在办公室里,只有有限的事情会让我们分心,但当你开始在一个新环境中工作时(尤其是一个非常熟悉的环境),就很容易分心。
        “There are a lot of potential distractions when we work from home,” says Eyre-White. “So proactively manage things which might interrupt your focus.”        埃尔-怀特说:“我们在家工作时,有很多潜在的干扰。所以要主动避免那些可能会打断你注意力的事情。”
        She explains: “Keep them limited to short breaks in between chunks of focused work. A change of scene is all we need to give our brain a break, and it’s the perfect time to put a load of washing on or empty the dishwasher.”        她解释说:“要在短暂的休息时间处理让你分心的事情,其他时间则集中精力工作。我们只需要换个环境来让大脑休息一下,这是洗洗涮涮或者让洗碗机工作的最佳时间。”
        Be sociable        积极社交
        Unless you're self-isolating, working from home shouldn't mean that you don't leave the house at all or don't see anyone for two weeks - ensure you still keep up social interaction.        除非你特立独行,否则在家工作不应该意味着你根本不离开家或两周不见任何人——确保你仍然和他人保持社交互动。
        “If you’re the kind of person who'll miss your colleagues when you work from home, build opportunities for socialising in to your day,” says Eyre-White, who recommends trying to call colleagues rather than always email or Slack messaging.        埃尔-怀特说:“如果你是那种在家工作时会想念同事的人,那就在工作时间创造一些社交机会。”她建议,尽量给同事打电话,而不要总是发邮件或使用Slack发消息。

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