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White House staff ordered to wear masks

来源:中国日报    2020-05-12 16:06

        White House staff have been ordered to wear masks when entering the West Wing after two aides tested positive for coronavirus.        白宫工作人员在进入白宫西翼时被要求戴口罩,此前白宫两名助理的新冠病毒检测呈阳性。
        The White House personnel office has said that staff must cover their faces at all times except when seated at their desks, socially distant from colleagues.        白宫人事办公室表示,除了坐在办公桌前、与同事保持社交距离时以外,员工必须在其他任何时候都遮住面部。
        The directive comes after an aide for Vice-President Mike Pence and a valet for President Trump fell ill.        在此之前,副总统迈克·彭斯的一名助手和总统特朗普的一名私人助理检测呈阳性。
        Mr Trump said he required the policy.        特朗普表示,这项政策是他要求的。
        Appearing without a mask in the Rose Garden for a press briefing on Monday, however, the president claimed he did not need to follow the directive because he kept "far away from everyone", and played down the White House infections.        然而,本周一(5月11日)在白宫玫瑰园举行的新闻发布会上,特朗普没有戴口罩,他声称自己不需要遵循这一指示,因为他“远离所有人”,并淡化了白宫的感染情况。
        "We have hundreds of people a day pouring into the White House" each day, he said. "I think we're doing a good job containing it."        他说,每天“都有数百人涌入白宫,我认为我们的防控工作做得很好。”
        Three members of the White House coronavirus task force went into self-isolation for two weeks after possible exposure to the illness.        白宫新冠病毒特别工作组的三名成员在可能接触病毒后正在进行两周的自我隔离。
        They include Dr Anthony Fauci, who has become the public face of the fight against the virus in the US.        其中包括安东尼•福奇博士,他已经成为美国抗击新冠病毒的公众人物。
        Mr Pence's press secretary Katie Miller, the wife of Trump aide Stephen Miller, tested positive for the virus on Friday.        彭斯的新闻秘书凯蒂•米勒上周五(5月8日)病毒检测结果呈阳性,她是特朗普的助理斯蒂芬•米勒的妻子。
        Her diagnosis came after a valet for US President Donald Trump was also confirmed to have the illness.        此前,美国总统特朗普的一名私人助理也被证实检测呈阳性。
        Mr Trump shrugged of the White House spread, saying it was "basically one person" who had contracted the virus and that people who were in contact had since tested negative.        特朗普对于新冠病毒在白宫的传播很不在意,他说,“基本上只有一个人”感染了病毒,其接触者之后检测都是阴性。
        Mr Trump said more funds would be made available to increase testing in states.        特朗普表示,将提供更多的资金来增加各州的检测数量。
        The government is to provide $11bn to states to meet testing goals this month. States were asked how many tests they hope to conduct in May, and will be given supplies to match the targets. Senior White House officials who come into regular contact with Mr Trump are currently being tested daily for the coronavirus.        联邦政府将在本月向各州提供110亿美元(约合人民币780亿元),以实现检测目标。各州向联邦上报本月希望完成的检测数目后,将得到相应的配给已完成检测目标。经常与特朗普接触的白宫高级官员目前每天都在接受新冠病毒检测。
        Pressed by journalists on when all Americans could expect to have access to testing, Mr Trump said: "If someone wants to be tested right now they will be able to be tested". The claim is heavily disputed.        当记者追问何时有望对所有美国人进行检测时,特朗普表示:“如果有人现在就想接受检测,他们就能够接受检测。”这种说法存在严重争议。
        For weeks, Mr Trump has sought to encourage an easing of lockdown measures throughout the US, arguing it was time to get back to work amid dire economic news.        几周来,特朗普一直试图鼓励美国各地放松封锁措施,他声称,在经济形势严峻的情况下,现在是重返工作岗位的时候了。
        However, public health experts have warned that easing restrictions too early could lead to a resurgence of transmissions and a second coronavirus wave.        然而,公共卫生专家警告说,过早放松限制可能会导致病毒传播死灰复燃和第二波新冠肺炎疫情。
        The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had issued guidelines suggesting that lockdowns should not be eased unless a region has seen 14 days of declines in infections and be able to conduct 30 tests for every thousand residents.        美国疾病控制和预防中心已经发布了指导方针,建议除非某一地区的感染人数连续14天下降,并且每1000名居民中的检测数量达到30次,否则不应放松封锁。
        According to the CovidTracking Project, a charity, the US conducted an average of 248,000 daily tests in the first week of May.        根据慈善机构新冠追踪项目的数据,美国在5月的第一周平均每天进行24.8万次检测。
        According to the White House, the number has increased to 300,000 a day, but prominent public health researchers say at least 900,000 daily tests are needed before the US should reopen.        据白宫表示,这一数字已经增加到每天30万,但著名的公共卫生研究人员表示,在美国重新开放之前,至少需要每天进行90万次检测。
        As of this week, the US has tested only 2.75% of its 330 million population, and no state has tested 10% of residents. In over a dozen states where lockdown measures have been relaxed, including Texas, South Carolina and Arizona, less than 2% of residents have been tested.        截至本周,美国仅对3.3亿人口中的2.75%进行了检测,没有一个州的检测人数达到本周人口的10%。在德克萨斯、南卡罗来纳和亚利桑那等十几个放松了封锁措施的州,只有不到2%的居民接受了检测。
        Last week, the White House rejected the CDC's reopening guidance, but some states are adopting the standards.        上周,白宫拒绝了美国疾控中心关于重新开放的指导方针,但一些州正在采用这些标准。

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