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迪士尼乐园即将重新开放 来看看有哪些安全措施
Disney shares new safety guidelines for reopening parks

来源:中国日报    2020-05-09 08:38

        The Happiest Place on Earth may soon be welcoming visitors again. On Wednesday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that Shanghai Disneyland will reopen on May 11. Following the announcement, Disney Parks Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Hymel shared new plans Disney is exploring for reopening its US locations, which closed indefinitely in March.        地球上最快乐的地方可能会很快重新开门迎客。5月6日,迪士尼首席执行官鲍勃·查伯克宣布,上海迪士尼将于5月11日重新开放。紧接着,迪士尼乐园首席医务官帕梅拉·海默尔医生也透露了新计划:迪士尼考虑重新开放于三月份无限期关闭的美国迪士尼乐园。
        One of the new safety measures is phased reopening. This means Disney will begin by gradually and partially reopening certain locations, meaning retail and dining areas will likely open before theme parks.        迪士尼的新安全措施之一是分阶段重新开放。这意味着迪士尼将逐步地重新开放部分园区的部分景点,这意味着零售和餐饮区很可能在主题乐园之前先开放。
        If you've ever been to a Disney theme park, especially during peak days, you know how packed it can get and how crucial FastPasses are. On a "normal day" at Disneyland, park attendance is 65,000 people, according to Walt Disney Imagineering director Kim Irvine. So physical distancing and capacity measures are major focuses as Disney prepares to reopen. Dr. Hymel says that Disney will "implement physical distancing guidelines based on guidance from health authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and appropriate government agencies."        如果你曾去过迪士尼主题乐园,尤其是在旺季去过,你会了解那里有多拥挤,还有快速通行证有多重要。据华特迪士尼公司想象工程总监金姆·欧文称,常规日的入园人数为6.5万人。因此在迪士尼乐园重新开放的准备过程中,保持社交距离和限流的措施将是主要关注点。海默尔医生称,迪士尼将会“基于疾病控制与预防中心等卫生部门和相应政府机构的指导来执行隔离规定”。
        The new measures will likely include a guest capacity based on state and federal guidelines. Disney is also exploring ways technology can help with social distancing—experiments in this arena include using virtual queues at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.        新措施很可能包括基于美国州和联邦指导意见的限流。迪士尼还在探索利用科技手段来促进社交隔离——这方面的实验包括在迪士尼乐园和华特迪士尼世界尝试的虚拟排队。
        Other new measures include increased cleaning of high traffic areas. Disney will follow guidelines from the medical community and the government for enhanced screening procedures and prevention measures; this means guests will likely need face coverings. Disney Parks have already implemented new measures such as installing hand sanitizers and hand washing stations. Disney is also planning on providing new training for cast members.        其他新措施包括增加客流量集中区域的清洁频率。迪士尼将会遵从医疗团体和政府发布的指导意见,加强筛查程序和防控措施。这意味着游客将需要佩戴口罩。迪士尼乐园已经开始实施一些新措施,包括设置洗手机和洗手站。迪士尼还计划为演员提供新培训。
        While Disneyland and Disney World are accepting reservations starting June 1, there still isn't an official reopening date for either park. Overall, Disney has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. According to the Associated Press, its second quarter profit dropped 91 percent, and the company said its costs from the pandemic cut its pretax profit by $1.4 billion.        尽管迪士尼乐园和迪士尼世界从6月1日开始接受预定,但目前两个乐园都还没有正式的开放时间。总体来看,迪士尼公司因为当前这场大流行病而受到严重打击。根据美联社的报道,迪士尼二季度的利润下降了91%,公司称疫情导致其税前利润亏损14亿美元(约合人民币99亿元)。
        Shanghai Disneyland has sold out all tickets for May 11. The theme park said that all tickets were snapped up in a matter of minutes after sales commenced at 8 am on Friday.        上海迪士尼乐园5月11日当天的门票已经售罄。园方称5月8日早上8点开售几分钟后首日门票就被一抢而空。
        Advance ticketing and reservations are required to enter the park during the initial phase of reopening. The park has not officially announced the number of visitors allowed at this stage. Bob Chapek said on Wednesday that it will start running at a capacity far below the government's suggested cap of around 24,000 visitors.        在恢复运营初期,游客需要提前购票和预约才能入园。园方没有官宣现阶段允许入园的游客数量。鲍勃·查伯克6日表示,初期允许入园的客流量将会远低于政府规定的2.4万上限。
        The park said that it will introduce a bevy of measures including social distancing, mask wearing and enhanced disinfection to ensure the safety of visitors.        上海迪士尼称,将会推出多项措施来保证游客的安全,包括保持社交距离、佩戴口罩和加强消毒。

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